Bulk Market! No Plastic! Just Good Food!

The UK’s first zero-waste food shop has opened in London. Bulk Market is a place where you can go and buy good quality foods and other products but without all of the packaging and plastic that you find in a regular store. Simply take your own reusable containers or buy some while you are there, get them weighed in and start filling them with whatever you need and take them to the checkout for weighing and paying. Check them out Bulk Market! 494 Kingsland Road, E8 4AE London.

Customers are solely responsible for cleaning and sterilising their containers at home before using them for refill at our store. Bulk MarketĀ® won’t be liable for food contamination in cases customers use their own containers for refill. Once the product is dispensed into a container it can’t be placed back into the bulk dispenser due to Health & Safety regulations.

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