Holo adds holograms to your videos

Most of us love to take photos and make videos, yet sometimes there is something missing and that is where Holo comes in. This app will transform your content by helping you to add a cool hologram of your movie characters, celebrities, athletes, musicians and comedians to it. There are plenty of cool editing tools to help you come up with a really cool video or image that can be shared on your social network for all to see. The great news is the Holo app is free, it can be downloaded from Google Play for Android and iTunes for iOS, whats stopping you?

Create funny and unique content by adding a Holo character into your camera and snapping a photo or video. Choose from a variety of holograms including movie characters, celebrities, athletes, musicians and comedians, as well as fun original characters and animals. New Holo characters released weekly! Adjust the hologram by resizing, moving, or rotating it, even while recording your Holo. Save your Holo videos and photos to your phone’s gallery.

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