It Came From The Desert! Classic Horror!

It Came From The Desert is based on those classic horror movies from the 50’s and the video game of the same name from the 80’s. A small town is attacked by mutant ant and spider hybrids, a result of atomic research that took place in the New Mexico desert. This is horror at its best and although this movie has been made using the latest technology, it still has that classic look and feel. The movie stars Mark Arnold, Harry Lister Smith, Vanessa Grasse, Alec Mills, and Callum McGowan, the UK Premiere at Horror Channel FrightFest will be on the 28th October, can you handle it?

Inspired by Cinemaware’s cult 1980s video game, itself motivated by the giant creature feature craze infesting 1950s Hollywood, get ready for the pulp action horror mutant monster movie of the year! It’s a terribly tall tale involving rival motocross heroes and cocooned heroines, out-of-control kegger parties in the New Mexico desert, crashed meteors from outer space, secret underground labyrinth military bases, romantic insecurities …and epic havoc caused by massive spider/ant hybrids! Smartly scripted, extremely funny and very creepy, with terrific special effects in homage to Ray Harryhausen, get with the OTT deadpan delivery and the Project T.H.E.M. program.

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