The WWII Jerry Can Bar Cabinet!

Upcycling is cool these days, the only problem is finding something that is interesting to work on and an item that can be made into something cool. In this case, they are reworking the classic jerry can design into a useful cabinet for the bathroom or maybe even a bar! At one point during the war there were over 1800 different jerry can designs available, all based on the original 1939 German Wehrmacht Einheits-kanister.

We are bringing four NEW Bar Cabinet designs to life in 2018. All based on the true World War II hero: The Jerry Can (fuel can) Our designs are based on the World War Ii Jerry Can.

Now, the jerry can has been faithfully reproduced and reimagined into a piece of furniture that would be at home anywhere. There will be four different versions available and when they go sale towards the end of the year they will cost around $798. But, if you head on over to the projects page on Kickstarter then you could be getting one with 40% or 50% off, depending on stocks and how quick you are.

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