Taro Your Robot Cameraman!

There is no getting away from images and video these days, but perfection is something that takes time and care. The trouble is in a busy world getting a retake just because you were too slow or out of focus is not normally an option, unless you get yourself some help. With camera equipment being a bit pricey, there are few options available. But before you give up, check out the Taro! This is something that is well worth a look as it combines infrared technology with AI to produce a robotic cameraman.

Auto-tracking is super-useful when filming outdoor sports like skateboarding, parkour, skiing, basketball, or tennis. However, tracking a fast-moving target against a dynamically-shifting background makes it practically impossible for tracking technologies to work properly. Until now, that is. Taro is proud to introduce a breakthrough product that automatically rotates and tracks your target, making it possible to free up your hands and put yourself squarely in the frame to accurately capture all the action – effortlessly!

The Taro should be available early next year with a retail price starting at $179, but if you like what you see and want to grab yourself a bargain, head on over the Taro page on Kickstarter where you will find more information and detail on how you can get one from just $99, this will transform your existing stabilizer into an auto-tracking robot assistant.

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