Cutting Edge Technology With The Wondercutter!

We have heard it all before, a tool that is not only capable of cutting all kinds of materials and can do the job with little effort too. So, when we see something called the Wondercutter you can forgive us for thinking “Here we go again!” but in this case, it really does look like the Wondercutter is a tool that can actually live up to its name!

WONDERCUTTER is a machine that easily cuts materials by lowering the coefficient of friction with 40,000 vibrations per second. We can’t really see, or feel the vibration but it cuts materials with rapid oscillation. Like the waterdrops cut through a rock.

It is a bit early for this tool at the moment, as they are expecting to get it on sale in the middle of next year with a retail price of around $390! The good news is that the Wondercutter is currently raising funds on Kickstarter and that means the chance to grab yourself a bargain! If you are quick you could get the Wondercutter for a pledge of just $248, which is a nice price cut, if you get what we mean!

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