Sleep Better With The VibeAlarm!

The science of getting up from a nights sleep has somehow overlooked some people as they are still unable to get up on time, which in turn make them late for whatever they have to do that day. But, this excuse for lateness could soon be a thing of the past with the VibeAlarm. This handy device is worn on the wrist like a watch and is control through an app on the user’s smartphone. The wristband will vibrate enough to wake the wearer without causing any shock to the system.

The funds for this project will be used to improve the current software for our device. It will also be used to improve the physical product. We are currently working with Lab 651 engineers in St. Paul Minnesota to improve both the software and hardware for what will be the most affordable and reliable silent alarm available.

The VibeAlarm is in development at the moment and could be going on sale within a couple of months, although the retail price is not known currently, but we do know that the VibeAlarm is currently on Kickstarter raising funds to finish the device to a level that is consumer ready. Anyone interested n backing the project could grab themselves one of the early models by pledging just $199, which is not a massive price to pay for a good nights sleep.

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