The Aliens Attack! When They Arrived!

One day the apocalypse will come, it could be a virus, natural disaster, or maybe an alien invasion, whatever form the apocalypse takes it would pay to be prepared if you want to survive the aftermath. In this new game called When They Arrived, an ex-soldier is living out his life away from it all, then the aliens arrive. He has the skills to survive, he may even have the skills to bring the survivors together and force the alien invaders from the planet, but he needs your help!

When they arrived – it’s an action-packed game with a first-person view where the main character is an ordinary hunter, the former military which encounters an alien invasion on Earth. He needs to survive from encounters with aliens and other creatures, build various defensive constructions, find ways of feeding himself through hard times, explore a diverse world, swarming with creatures ready to “Wipe you off the face of the Earth”.

When They Arrived is in development at the moment, although they are looking to release it early next year. The game can be found on Kickstarter and anyone interested in getting involved can do so and grab a digital copy of the game when it is released from around £4. That is not a lot to pay for a new first-person game where you get to either save the world or die trying.

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