Gary! The Earphones And Cables Organiser!

Nobody likes a tangled cable, but sometimes they just seem to have a life of their own. You know how it is, you carefully put them down untangled and when you go back they are in a mess that takes ages to sort out. Well, this is where Gary is hoping to step in and save us all from tangled cables, let us hope that Gary is up to the job!

GARY 2.0 : Earphones & Cables Automatic Organizer. GARY solves a most common problem of any Earphone user – Giving one a relief from struggling with tangled wires. Now slimmer !

They are hoping to get Gary on sale by early next year, but if you head on over to the Gary page on Kickstarter then you will be able to order one from £9. This is certainly not going to break the bank and yet Gary could save you a lot of time and aggravation, what sort of price can you put on that?

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