Migo! The Internet Enabled 3D Printer!

There was a time when a 3D printer was only affordable to large organisations, but today you can have your very own 3D printer at home and with that, it means you are able to design and produce a wide range of items, for the kids, the home or maybe it could be the start of a nice new business. There is a lot of potential with a 3D printer and the Migo is making it possible for anyone to own one of these devices.

We thought about 3D printers on the market and asked: How can 3D printers make life simpler and easier? What if they were portable to use when maintaining simplicity, and yet still have a good deal of versatility and connectivity? They could bring your creations to life!

They are looking at getting the Migo 3D Printer on sale by the middle of next year, but at the moment they are on Kickstarter, that means you can get involved and grab a bargain at the same time. With a pledge of $219, you will get one of the first Migo 3D Printers! This deal comes with the OLED Screen, Heated Bed, Build-in Camera and a 500 gram spool of 1.75 mm filament. As well as $80 Get a laser engraving module,$20 Get extra 500g filament, $30 Get color version and $10 Get 5 PEI sheets, the value of this package is around $499.

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