Why Online Slots Is Sometimes the Best Gaming Option

Why Online Slots Is Sometimes the Best Gaming Option by Alex Walker

Modern gaming has come a long way since the days of Pong, the Arcades of the 80’s and consoles of the 90’s. Computer games and console games today have graphics and storylines that rival (and often surpass) multi-million dollar Hollywood spectaculars. Competitive leagues filled with full time “e-athletes” rake in millions of dollars through sponsors and advertising and even hold events attended by thousand of game enthusiasts.

There is a guy I follow on Twitter who writes elaborate essays comparing the pros and cons of using a character like Yoshi in Super Smash Brothers. If that doesn’t mean anything to you don’t worry – just realize some people take these games very seriously.

While gaming has grown into an electronic sports league in many ways – there has been an undercurrent of gaming that has maintained its role as a relaxing reprieve from the stresses of competition and active thought. More Zen games like Minecraft, where one can happily spend hours clicking at dirt blocks, have also found high levels of popularity from those who need an escape from the stress of their day job (or whatever the catalyst for their stress is).

When You Enter the Slots Section in a Casino You Enter the Machine Zone

An interesting parallel can be found in these “Zen” games growth in popularity, and the constant attraction people have to the slot machine games found in brick and mortar casinos and online slots, as on Simba Games. Natasha Schull, a renowned anthropologist, spent nearly 12 months in Vegas in the company of slot players. She studied their brain pattern and coined the state of mind they get into as “the machine zone” – a state of being tuned out, where the mind steps away from thoughts of time, money, space, or underlying stressors.

And these “symptoms” are true for both brick-and-mortar casinos as well as online casinos. It’s all in the head of the player. If you need to give yourself a rest, from the daily grind, from external stress inducers, than getting into the zone can help you.

While Schull eventually tries to conflate the ability of slots to massage the brain, so to speak, with casinos seeking to prey on people with addicting mechanisms (your brain becomes addicted to things it enjoys) I don’t see it as any different than the thousands of other escapist activities people may become addicted to.

The name of the game for anything you enjoy is moderation. To me, the scientific aspect of Schull’s research on slots actually comes across sounding a bit like meditation. This desire to pursue activities like gaming makes sense when you look into the evolutionary reasons for humans having a need to relax.

Slots are Spin & Escape Machines

Escapism is an evolutionary need we have developed as a species. It is one of the main factors in balancing out our mental health. Daydreaming and simple activities help the vital function of the psyche. It has been thought of that escapism “may even be the backbone of our consciousness.” There is a reason most people choose to enjoy a mindless reality TV show at the end of the day rather than an intellectually challenging piece of literature. Not everyone finds the same outlets or reacts the same to them, but we all have an inherent need to relax the brain. There is also dangerous escapism of course. Drinking or drugs are typical examples of that, but even reading can be abused too. I had social issues in school and chose to bury myself in science fiction books rather than facing my problems.

Whether something is a good or bad escape is up to the individual – but we all must find our path through it. To avoid the addicting qualities we discussed earlier, it’s probably best you are aware of the things you are drawn to, and actively try to switch up your outlets from time to time.

Finding Solace in Online Slots

After reading the work by Natasha Schull, I started playing online slots after my martial arts sessions as a way to wind down and to be honest, in the hope to win real money. I even found a way to accommodate my love for reading by catching on the best new slot sites on SlotSpinners; it’s amazing how you can find content online about basically anything.

I’d set a limit on spending and enjoy the freedom that came from escaping into the world of chance. I still play pretty often (though I am also guilty of clicking some Minecraft dirt from time to time).

As I said, certain people react to different stimuli in different ways, and I’ve found that online slots actively relax me in a way very few other activities do. It may be the idea that my dinner could get paid for with a lucky spin, I’d even decide if I’d eat steak or tuna that night depending on the outcome (to add a little more to the stakes), or it may be that I simply find it fun.

I’m sure it’s not for everyone, but the combination of factors involved in online slot playing has had an overall therapeutic effect for me in many ways. It’s the type of relaxation you simply can’t get from the extremely competitive online sports growing in popularity today.

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