Polaroid! Horror As Photo Captures Shadow!

The Polaroid camera has had an up and down history, first it was cool, then it faded away as digital photography becomes popular, but it is returning once more. The days of having actual photos are coming back. So, what would you think if you found a scary shadowy figure in the background of your latest Polaroid image?

This short movie by Joey Greene explores this situation, a guy is alone and takes a random photo using his Polaroid camera. As the photo develops, it is clear that there is someone else in the room with him, or is there?

It’s the things we can’t see that terrify us the most…

Alex – Ethan Mikael
Monster – Kevin Michael Shiley

Writer | Producer | Director | Editor | Score – Joey Greene
DP | Color | Sound | VFX – Paul Houston
SFX Makeup – Morgan Falschlehner
AC – Garrett Holbrook

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