Could You Tackle This Giant Chicken Burger!

There cannot be many people around who would not fancy a go at this giant sized McChicken burger from one of our favourite high street restaurant brands McDonald’s, apart from vegans, vegetarians and those who say that they never eat fast food! Well, it is Friday and forget the fish, this is something that would go down nicely at lunchtime today!

McDonald’s classic dollar menu may not be a dollar any more but the list of favorite sandwiches definitely has the McChicken on it. The McChicken is an all-time classic quick on the go snack that has been picked up at the drive-thru for ages. So many times we’ve had it and thought to ourselves, “Maybe I should have ordered more.” Well today, thanks to the internet, you can feast your eyes and your stomachs on your very own version of a glorious oversized McChicken sandwich.

Thanks to Healthy Junk Food they have made this easy, simply gather the ingredients and get cooking, they estimate that within 90 minutes you could be lifting up this classic masterpiece for lunch! Beware though, this burger comes with a massive 3,660 calories tucked inside!

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