Design And Make Cool Stuff With Yeehaw!

There was a time when 3D printing was only available to those with deep pockets, now it seems you can pick up a 3D printer at a very reasonable price, yet even with the printer sitting on your workbench, what can you do with it? Well, that is something else you do not have to worry about now that the Yeehaw Wand is here. It is simple to use, just download the Yeehaw app to a tablet or smartphone and get creative, either draw or use existing images to create a cool design that will spring to life through a 3D printer.

Yeehaw Wand is the fastest and easiest way to create 3D experiences without requiring any specialized programming or 3D graphics experience. You can design directly from your phone or tablet onto the real world. Create, edit, and 3D print using the Yeehaw Wand and its free app. This draw-and-print system allows you to construct designs by sketching your concepts in mid-air. It will simply be the final instrument for 3D creativity.

The Yeehaw Wand could be available early next year with the basic wand costing around £150, however they are crowdfunding at the moment and that means there are perks. Pledge just £74 and you could be in line to take advantage of one of the early Yeehaw Wands before anyone else! This is promising to be a powerful tool for home or for your business, you just need access to a 3D printer to bring your creative ideas to life. For more information and details of how to pre-order your Yeehaw Wand go to their page on Kickstarter.

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