Epson’s New Autonomous Dual Arm Robot!

There is a new player in the world of robotics, Epson call it the WorkSense W-01, but in reality, it is a cool autonomous dual-arm robot that is able to sense, think and work, it is the ideal robot for the workplace. It is able to do those mundane jobs that humans do not want to do and it is able to carry those dangerous jobs that humans are unable to do.

Yoshifumi Yoshida, chief operating officer of Epson’s Robotics Solutions Operations Division, says;

Epson’s Corporate Vision expresses a strong commitment to driving robotics innovation. We are refining our core technologies that combine sensors and smart features, as well as our efficient, compact, and precision technologies, with the aim of realizing a future in which robots are widely used to serve and support people. We see the WorkSense W-01, which harnesses the power of Epson’s deep portfolio of technology, as bringing us one step closer to bringing about such a future.

Epson has been showing off the WorkSense W-01 robot at the International Robot Exhibition 2017, which is being held in Tokyo, Japan, that took place last week. Obviously, there are not many details on the cost and availability of this robot, but in time this is something that could be appearing in a workplace near you one day!

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