UpGift! Makes Santa’s Life Easier!

The festive season is not all about gifts, yet many of us seem to spend a lot of time and money on buying gifts for our family and friends. Surely in this day and age, there must be an easier way of gifting. One idea that might help is UpGift, a platform designed exactly for this purpose, it is a bit like social media, combined with crowdfunding and a touch of goodwill all rolled into one easy to use app!

UpGift, the first gifting platform that unites family and friends to give meaningful experiences, announced its official launch today. UpGift combines the power of crowdfunding, with a social network built around the people and goals that matter, to transform the way we give.

Of course, UpGift is not just for Christmas it can be used for any event, such as weddings and other celebrations, you can see the progress of your UpGift account as it happens. If you want more coverage your page can be shared on the popular social media platforms with the click of a button. To find out more check out the new way of gifting on UpGift!

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