SkySaver Backpack Could Be A Lifesaver!

Being trapped in a tall building is a nightmare that we have seen in the movies and in the real life on the news, but until now it seems that there are not many options available to people trapped inside a building, Skysavers backpacks look like a viable solution.

The idea is simple enough, the backpacks are placed around the building in a similiar way that we find fire fighting equipment. The Skysaver backpack rescue system comes with a high quality carabiner and two anchor points, prices start from $1280 with a 25 metre cable, $1380 with a 50 metre cable and $1480 for the 80 metre version.

SkySaver’s tested, certified, and world renowned rescue backpacks will give you the peace of mind of emergency preparation. Each SkySaver product is individually tested to rigorous standards, and is constructed of lightweight and fireproof materials in the first ever backpack-integrated harness. This easy-to-use, life-saving innovation will allow you and your family to sleep much easier at night, knowing you are in safe hands.

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