Your Ultimate Guide To Online Bingo!

Bingo is an engaging and world popular casino game that has been in existence for many centuries. Initially, the game was played in social halls, Bingo clubs, and many other social venues but many players have shifted to online Bingo.

Ever since the first online Bingo was released in the online market, the game has gained popularity tremendously. This has been contributed by the fact that you can choose to play from various formats which offer different winning opportunities and of course, a progressive jackpot.

In this guideline, you will learn how to play online Bingo, different variations of Bingo, bonuses, and promotions plus many more secrets you need to know about this simple casino game. We have also included a couple of top rated online casino for beginners.

Game Overview

Established in 1996, online Bingo is a game comprising of fun and money, but there is more for you to learn about it. You definitely need to master the rules, the gameplay, and more importantly the major variations of the game.

With the sophisticated technology available today, Bingo developers have given players a chance to play Live Bingo or Online Bingo. And you can play online Bingo without making any deposit. Although the prizes to be won are small you can still win huge amounts of money with free games.

How to play online

The first thing you need before thinking of playing online is an up to date laptop, Smartphone or tablet with a fast and reliable internet connection. The next thing is to choose a good online Bingo casino and signup. Play the free games to learn about the strategies and rules of the game before you dive into real money gambling.

Remember, online Bingo has a wide range of variations that use random number generator software in selecting gaming cards. Players can choose to a maximum of 50 cards at a time depending on the bankroll and the player’s wish.

The numbers will be called ranging between 1 and 90 and you only need to match the announced with the ones on your card. In some online casinos, you will find games with extra buttons like change cards or the new card.

Main variations and patterns of online

Most people tend to think that is a game meant for social halls and churches only, but in reality, the game consists of exclusive variations, patterns and etc which are specifically crafted to lure more punters. The list below comprises some online variations that you can play at most online casinos.

90 Ball Bingo; consists 27 squares on a 3 by 9 grid with 5 numbers per line and 4 blank space.
80 Ball Bingo; played on a board with 16 squares on a 4 b 4 grid.
30 Ball Bingo; it is played with 30 balls on a 3 by 3 grid.
75 Ball Bingo; this game is played on a card consisting 5 columns of 5 numbers each and each column is represented by letters which combine to form the word ‘B-I-N-G-O’.
Deal or No Deal ; has a standard game play of 90 ball game but the banker offers the player a deal is he/she steps forward to claim the won prize.

Common Bingo Patterns

Variable; can be rotated in 90-degree increments i.e. 90, 180…
Wild; consists Bingo cards with scattered patterns and they can locate anywhere on the card despite being static
Coverall; allows the player to get all number on their board
Static; can neither be rotated nor shifted

3 main online Bingo Jackpots

There are more amazing ways of earning big with online Bingo games and jackpots is just one of the other many ways. Let us take you through the different kinds we have compiled for you;

Progressive jackpot; the jackpot rolls over in case the prize is not claimed and it grows bigger as people continue playing.
Community Jackpots; every player gets a share of the won progressive jackpot
Fixed Jackpots; its awarded in all games despite the number of times won

Benefits of Playing Online

• Availability of Bingo chat rooms
• High rewarding bonuses and promotions
• Different varieties
• Available in free and real money versions
• Easy to play

Advanced Online Bingo Strategy and Tips

Despite being regarded to as the simplest online casino game, there are some tips and hints from recent winners as well as experts for you to increase your chances of winning. Remember, Bingo is a game that involves real money that is why you must take the tricks we are going to give you seriously.

• Raise your number of cards and reduce your Bingo games
• Read and understand the rules of the game
• Play chat room games
• Play with multiple cards
• Use Bingo strategy systems like Granville’s Bingo Strategy System
• Practice with the free Bingo games
• Play during off-peak hours
• Go for bigger jackpots
• Take advantage of the auto-buy to purchase as many cards as you can
• Do not forget/ignore your bonuses and promotions

Where to play online Bingo

As it is a game liked by many players, you expect to find it at most reputable online casinos. But you should consider factors like safety and security, a number of games, payment options, languages, licensing and etc while choosing your online casino. New players can use the following casinos which have been vetted by our team of experts.

• 888 Bingo
• William Hill Bingo
• Bet 365 Bingo
• Just Cash Bingo
• Robin Hood Bingo


Online Bingo is a game that is taking up the online market with a mighty wave. Players love it because of it easy, enjoyable, and high paying. However, like in any other online gambling games, you can lose or win. We recommend you to read the terms of every casino before risking your money.

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