Zombie Bingo! The Apocalypse Has Begun!

We do love a good zombie movie here, but it has to be said that sometimes the characters in these movies are often stereotypes, which is something that we really do not like at all. So, it is great that Zombie Bingo is aiming to address this issue, they say that no women scream or die in the movie and that is how it should be. Anyway, it is a bit early to talk about this film as it is still in the early stages, but the story and team behind it look cool. More than anything else they have a message for us and the rest the country, we should listen to them because one day this film might become a reality and where would we be then?

We want to make this film because our director Aphra is passionate about using exploitation cinema to draw attention to important current events. Zombie Bingo may seem like another B-movie horror flick, but its inspiration comes from the plans to demolish the Elephant and Castle shopping center in 2018. Knocking down the shopping has been a topic of controversy, as it will have a massive impact on the local community, as many of the establishments in the center are occupied by local tenants. Our film will be a surreal adaptation of how gentrification ‘infects’ communities and causes the local economy to suffer.

You can find more information on Zombie Bingo and details of how you can help to make this film a reality on the Kickstarter page. There are even perks for backers of the project, so what have you go to lose here?

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