So When Is Water #NotJustWater

As you probably already know we are fans of technology and good ideas, so when we got the chance to collaborate with Yorkshire Water on how they are using state of the art technology such as drones, satellites, acoustic loggers and smart valves to manage its network, we jumped at the chance. According to data provided by Yorkshire Water, the company manages around 20,000 miles of water networks and 32,000 miles of sewer pipes. They are currently providing around 1.24 billion litres of drinking water to their 5 million customers every day, which is not as easy as it might sound.

In order to show you exactly what Yorkshire Water is doing in order to keep homes and businesses supplied with water on tap and a sewerage system that is kind to the environment, they have come up with the #NotJustWater campaign to help customers get the most from their water provider. This is no gimmick, everyone wins, the customers get a full and complete service and the water company is able to focus on the important matters such as detecting leaks in the system. They are aiming to cut environmental damage from leaking sewer pipes by up to 40% and internal sewer leaks by 70%, this alone will have a positive effect on the local environment.

It does not stop there either, Yorkshire Water has a team of experts on hand to help customers play their part too. Not everyone knows what can be flushed away and not many customers know that the company is able to provide advice on smart shower heads, garden rainwater collections, sensor taps, shower timers and dual flush toilets. The company says that it has plans to install around a fifteen thousand monitoring devices around the network that will alert engineers of issues quickly, it is believed that once the system is up and running the detection time for system leaks will be reduced from three days to just three hours. You do not have to be an expert to know that will result in massive savings in money and resources.

So When Is Water #NotJustWater

All of a sudden water is not just something that falls freely from the sky and somehow pours from the taps in our homes and businesses, there is so much that happens in between and Yorkshire Water is hoping to inform and educate its customers on the process of providing water and how they can help. Who would have thought that a water company would be using the latest technology to provide us with such a basic resource, it just goes to prove that water these days really is #NotJustWater.

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