Is This A Dating App That Works?

There are plenty of dating apps around, but which one can you trust to find you the right partner? Maybe you have tried dating apps in the past and for one reason or another you have given up. So what if there was a new kind of dating app, would you be interested in trying it out? Well, this is the Love or Lust app, it has been created to be sociable, enjoyable and fun, which is just what a dating app should be.

The key elements for our app, is a swipe like UI (user interface) but what separates our app from tinder and others like it is enhanced thought, focus and work to reduce and potentially eliminate “catfishes”, “honeytraps” and bots, potentially through photo gesture verification and with the approval of us, what sets us apart from other photo verification all ready implemented in some apps is that every time you upload a new photo, it is individually tested and approved.

This is a new app, it is currently in development and they are raising funds through crowdfunding in order to make this idea a reality. If you love the idea of a new kind of dating app and would like to get involved at the early stages of development, then check out the Love or Lust page on Kickstarter to see how you can help and what perk you can receive in return.

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