With the digital world being intertwined with the real one so much these days, it is natural that we go to it for many things. One industry that has profited from this is the “personal development” market.

Because most of us don’t have time in our schedules to visit a specialist to improve our personalities or skills, tech gurus are building apps to help us get a streamlined version online via mobile apps. They have built pretty much an app for everything that we could possibly wish to improve. Here we bring 5 apps to add to your self-improvement goals for this next year:


If you are looking to build better habits or have questions about what your next career move should be, then is the way to go. With this app, the impact of a powerful question is never underestimated and can cause your mind to consider new options and to explore new boundaries that are out of reach in your current mindset.


If you’re one of those fitness enthusiasts, or you would like to become one, there’s no better app that lets you really track your progress like Nike+. This app uses your phone’s GPS system, with no added devices or plugging, to track your steps and it lets you know when you have reached your goal. The satisfaction of hearing the virtual voice telling you that you have achieved your target is pretty satisfying, but you can also “friend” other users and see how you measure up…which can raise your objectives if you’re a competitive person! Also, the app is totally free!



Learning something new is one of the best ways to improve yourself, but learning something new that can actually be useful is like killing two birds with one stone. Verbling is an online language learning platform that allows you to learn by connecting you with native teachers of any of the available languages. The greatest advantage of their system is their app that, as well as putting you in direct contact with teachers in different countries, also allows you to take your classes anywhere with an internet connection. So no more being late for class or being ruled by someone else’s schedule!


Counting calories is as much a drag as it is not fun, and who even has the time? Luckily, the folks at Under Armour have made this process streamlined and hassle-free with myfitnesspal. This app does the work of counting the calories you eat and their immense food database is continuously growing, now with more than 300,000,000 items. It also includes motivational forums of many people trying to reach the same goals that you are, so you can give and receive support to stay motivated!


If you are always getting stuck, Unstuck is for you! For them, getting stuck is a positive thing because it opens up one’s perspective to something better and encourages you to make something good out of each bad situation. It’s the perfect opportunity to revise yourself, your lifestyle, your actions and come up with something that will overshadow that little hole you’re in at the moment.

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