Keep All Of Your Stuff In One Place!

These days we have so much stuff that we often do not have enough pockets to carry it all around in and then when we need something like a bank card, ID or memory card, we can never seem to find it. However, there is a solution to this tricky problem and they are calling it the Intelligent Travel (IT), it turns your smartphone into a handy carry-all for all of your important stuff. The Intelligent Travel device is a case that fits your smartphone so that you know if you have your phone, you have all of your important stuff too. This should make life much easier.

Never again struggle finding a safe & convenient place to keep your small, yet critical things with you when you travel? With Intelligent Travel’s (IT) Patent Pending design you will never again leave home without your most needed travel items. IT has been designed as your best solution to address the most common problem of not having the essential items with you at all time needed for safe convenient travel.

Considering that this device is so slim and very useful, the price is not going to break the bank at all. It should be going on sale in a couple of months time, but if you cannot wait to get your order in, then check out the Intelligent Travel page on Kickstarter where you can order one of the early versions from just £9 or $12, now that is not going to break the bank, but it could make your life so much easier.

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