Kingdom Come: Deliverance! In Nomine Patris!

Step back in time to the heart of the Holy Roman Empire where chaos, fighting and death is around every corner. Yet you are living a peaceful life, minding your business until the war storms into your life and turns it upside down. If you love this kind thing then the Kingdom Come: Deliverance is right up your street. As with most games expect to pay around £45 for it on Amazon and other retailers.

In the midst of this chaos, you’re Henry, the son of a blacksmith. Your peaceful life is shattered when a mercenary raid, ordered by King Sigismund himself, burns your village to the ground. By bittersweet fortune, you are one of the few survivors of this massacre. Without a home, family, or future you end up in the service of Lord Radzig Kobyla, who is forming a resistance against the invasion. Fate drags you into this bloody conflict and shoves you into a raging civil war, where you help fight for the future of Bohemia.

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