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We are a site run by David Allen and dedicated to the world of technology, gadgets and anything cool. This can be news, video, graphics, images or just plain old text; we simply love to provide the visitors with something cool, funny and interesting. After all, the world could use a bit of smile every now and then! Have a look around and if there is something that you would like to see let us know and we will do our best to include it.

Just who the hell does David Allen think he is? David Allen is a UK based freelance writer specialising in tech and gadget news, although he has worked on a very wide variety of subjects, including cars, lifestyle and breaking news stories. Being a lifelong fan Arsenal FC, he has experienced some of the joys of winning, but most of all being disappointed at the end of the season! “This makes for a better person” he says as it wouldn’t do for everyone to be lucky in life, where is the fun in that!

He believes that the internet has opened up a whole world of opportunities for anyone that wants to take up the challenge and that there are plenty more opportunities to come, you just have to be there at the beginning of the next big thing! When not working on TechMASH, he can be found on various tech related websites such as Savvy It Info where he writes about laptop news, as well as on the UBM Tech where he is a forum moderator on a couple of their Cloud Technology  websites.