The First Video Games

If you were to ask people when the first video games came out the popular answers would be the late seventies or the early eighties, but it seems that despite all of the evidence pointing towards those dates they are in fact way off! It turns out that the first video game can actually be […]

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Tron: Legacy mural in London

Tron has always been one of those movies that gets the imagination going, this is especially so with the recent Tron: Legacy, 3D made this movie into a cool piece of science fiction and it has inspired others too! Take the graphic artist Jim Vision (Cool Name!) he has spent four days working on this […]

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Google improves Image Search

Google appear to always be looking to improve the service that is offering consumers and users, but many of these changes seem to go unnoticed by the average user. However, with Google Image Search any change is going to be noticed straight away. The idea with these new changes is the speed at which the […]

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Solar powered tablet from Pixel Qi

Anyone familiar with Pixel Qi will know them for producing a range of displays that are readable while in direct sunlight. Well the sun theme continues with the introduction of a tablet platform that is capable of running on solar power! The great thing about this device is that the solar panel only costs around […]

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Android users get Modern Combat 2

Android phone users could well be feeling disheartened with the lack of cool games available, especially those produced by Gameloft. However, that has apparently all changed with the launch of the cool game, Modern Combat 2 on the Android Market. It will cost £4.28 and as a first person shooter game the game play and […]

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New Apple Store gets Windows tag

We have all seen the way Apple block off a store that they are getting reading to open up in, it is the black hoarding that gives it away! However, the store getting reading to open in Hamburg, Germany has been given a colourful addition to its matt black finish, a Windows logo tag. .wav […]

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Bikini for charging gadgets

When you are out on the beach catching some rays, the last thing that you need is your mobile phone, iPod or digital camera to run out of battery as this means returning back to your apartment or going without your gadgets. However, thanks to the New York based designer Andrew Schneider this could be […]

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Humans losing social skills

Smartphones may be the best thing that has ever happened for users, but research is showing that the more we use our Smartphone’s the more that we are losing our social skills it we actually had any in the first place. It looks like some clever folks have been doing their research and it has […]

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Trading cards go digital

Trading cards have been around for years, but for anyone who does not know, these are sets of cards that follow a certain theme and in most cases, the only way to get the entire set is to swap duplicate cards with other collectors, hence trading! However, the company behind most of these cards is […]

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Garmin GPS Dog Tracker

This is a dog tracking system created by the sat nav people Garmin, it is being aimed at the hunting market, but it does not necessarily mean that it is exclusive to that particular group of dog owners. The system is made up of a collar with built in tracker system and a handheld receiver with […]

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Play Doom Online for free!

Here is a chance to play the fantastic game Doom in your web browser. This used to be a cool game, but now being able to play this within the browser it seems to be relaunched all over again! Try it out on the Mozilla Developer page, simply launch the demo to see just how […]

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The Daleks are here

It is quite apt that as the new series of Doctor Who gets going that we find this brilliant full size replica of a Dalek. It has been carefully produced to the original BBC plans for the machine! although it is hollow inside it is not recommended that any rides inside the machine as there […]

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Big Red Button for the iPhone 4

How about this, instead of thumbing around for the camera button on your iPhone to get that image, then maybe this is the ideal thing to get clicking away like a maverick paparazzo. The design is by a group known as Beep Industries, they have created the Red Pop and they are looking for baker […]

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The Gameboy iPhone 4 case

Remember the classic Gameboy from Nintendo? Well if you do or you have a taste for retro style and design, then this case for the iPhone could just be the thing that you have been waiting for. This is a real stylish design and is bound to cause a stir no matter where you are, […]

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New Trailer for Duke Nukem

It is hard to believe that Duke Nukem Forever has been in the making for around fifteen years now and it seems that this game is not going to disappoint any of the fans who have been patiently waiting. The trailer is a bit adult orientated, as you would expect from a game with content […]

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