Microsoft release details on Windows 8

The world’s largest software developer Microsoft has been offering some insight into its next operating system, codenamed unsurprisingly Windows 8! It has been designed to work with touchscreen devices and because of this, it looks remarkably like Windows Phone 7 with coloured tiles for easy navigation. It looks as if there is no start button […]

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See Portal 2 for real!

This is so funny and well thought out, that we just had to show the video of Portal 2 being performed by Ninja of the Night! Sometimes the props do not line up and the actors may not be totally in harmony, but this is a fair interpretation of the hit game Portal 2! Source […]

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Just how do Geeks chill out!

Being tied to a computer all day can for some people seem like the ideal job and I am one of them, as I can quite easily stay inside for days on end and not worry about it! However, for others this could be a living nightmare and so they need to chill out every […]

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Real Life Hot Wheels

During the seventies Hot Wheels were literally hot stuff because they used a long piece of track that could be looped and shaped so that the cars could travel at high speed without damaging anything. This led to some serious stunts and even longer tracks with power boosters placed along the track at certain points […]

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Gmail rolls out new lab features

Google Labs have rolled out three new features for Gmail Lab users; these are Superstars, Nested Labels and Advanced IMAP Controls! However, as with any new addition to a service, there must be a sacrificed and in this case, it looks like the Google Search Box lab feature has been withdrawn. These are the details […]

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Now the TV is watching you!

There was a time when you could sit down watch a bit of television in the evening, have drink, smoke or just about anything else felt like doing all because you thought that you where there in the room all on your own, well in the future that may not so! For a system being […]

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TV Tuner for the iPhone

Now you can watch TV on your iPhone, but this eats into your monthly data at a very fast rate and sooner or later, you are going to be paying the price for watching your favourite soap! So, what about this device from Cydle, it is the i30 TV Tuner simply add an iPhone and […]

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Rockstar offer more for LA Noire

Fans of the cool LA Noire will be able to take advantage of some downloadable content plans over the next few weeks for a fixed fee for the entire collection or they can be purchased separately if required. According to Sam Houser, the founder of Rockstar Games; “With its blend of real crime influences and […]

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