New style of business card

When you hand over a business card, you do not want it stand out and not end up at the bottom of a pile or worse still in the bin! these cards from Cardnetics has come up with the very cool looking design with an iris in the middle that can make a neat animation […]

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The First Practical Jetpack

This is what we mean when talk about transport of the future, forget cars! For this is a personal jetpack, just like the one James Bond used in the 1960’s. This machine is not quite ready for production but it is well into the development stages as the video shows. The jetpack is super cool, […]

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Facebook relationship status

Does social networking affect relationships? It seems that like anything else, social networking can easily become a serious habit for some people and there are accounts of Facebook being cited in several divorce cases, so there is a real problem there, but perhaps it is not the fault of social networking at all! The fact […]

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Get 3D on your iPhone

Check this out it is the perfect way to get complete 3D viewing on your iPhone, what better way could there be to experience all of the coolness of 3D viewing without all of the fuss and it has to be said the cost too! Sure it looks a little like one of those old Viewfinder […]

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Handheld camera and printer

This is something that would initially look like something that is in the concept stages, but in actually fact this is a real product and it will be going on sale very soon. It is a neat piece of design, as you can swipe the device across paper or fabric and it will print the […]

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Close Encounter in the Forest!

Imagine walking through the forest and suddenly coming face to face with this structure! The only conclusion that you can bring is that this is a UFO, it is a little small, but who said that aliens have to be the same size as we are! Well this object has the right shape, it even […]

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Gears of War 3 Trailer!

Roll on the 20th September, because this is the date when Gears of War 3 is released and just make sure that we know what is going to happen, a cool trailer has been released! The game will be featuring a new four player co-op style of game play and two operating modes, Assault Mode […]

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Digital LED Makeup

This is the age where digital takes over and it seems that this also applies to products that are traditionally non technical, such as make up! Here we are looking at a design for digital make up, in fact this is LED Eye shadow, this is the design of Lulin Ding she places tiny LED’s […]

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Your favourite site as a pet!

They say that you are able to see the owner in a pet and to be perfectly honest that is very true, especially when it comes to dog owners! However, if we take this idea a little further we find that it is not just owners looking like pets, but certain websites appear to take […]

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The rise and fall of Yahoo!

At one time Yahoo! was the high flyer of all the internet start ups, starting up in 1994 as David and Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide World. However, how things have change for Yahoo! over the following years. This cool info graphics show how Yahoo! started off as guide and grew to powerful search […]

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