Soundala iPad App Ready To Launch

A smart new and dare I say exciting app for the Apple iPad has just given the thumbs up from the Apple App Store, it’s called Soundala and basically this is a new style of music visualizer, unlike the traditional type these new digital music displays actually reflect what is going on in the music, […]

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Turn The iPhone Into A 3D Display

Being able to watch 3D on your iPhone sounds cool, but having to use the various apps available with this binocular type device, you just cannot see this one working. Imagine using this device on the bus to work, your fellow passengers will think that you are a bit crazy. These are the features and […]

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This Is The History Of Apple

Apple is now the biggest company in the world, but it was not always that way, but thing is for sure and that is Apple has always been innovative in almost every way. But as with most large companies, Apple is one that you either love or hate, but it is more than just the […]

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Apple’s Spaceship Campus

A couple of months ago, Apple boss, Steve Jobs mentioned the Apple Spaceship Campus, which naturally had people thinking, were Apple about to launch the iSpacecraft or what! It turns out that it is going to be a 2.8 million sq ft building to house, offices, research & development and even a massive fitness centre. […]

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Shift 2 On The iPhone

Shift is one of those games that takes a bit of getting used to; in fact using the shift often ends up much slower than using an auto gearbox, which is the complete opposite to reality! However, this game is pretty spectacular even on the iPhone the graphics are smart and fast. These are the […]

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The MacBook eBay App

As an alternative to visiting the eBay web page, the online auction site have now released an app so that MacBook users get a cool new interface making it easy for the user to browse and buy, unfortunately this app is only available to users in the US. These are the features that a user […]

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Bit Pilot Updated

Play Asteroids on your iPhone or iPad with Bit Pilot by Zach Gage, it is not a new game, but it has been updated and therefore it is worth mentioning now, because this is chance to hold of cool retro style game to play on one of the most modern designed gadgets on the market […]

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Skype For iPad

It is a great thing for iPad users now that the official Skype app has become available, this means that the owners of both the iPad 1 and iPad 2 will be able to use the live video calling service on either a wireless or 3G connection. These are the features for the Skype for […]

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Fake Apples Go Global

We wrote about the fake Apple Store in the Chinese city of Kumming last week, but since then it has emerged that there are fake Apple stores popping up in other countries around the world! It seems that these fake stores can be in places like Croatia and Venezuela, although we are still awaiting any […]

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