Foursquare update for iOS

Foursquare is an interesting check in service where you tell the world where you are and sometimes if you feel up to it, what you are doing there! This experience has just got better for the iPhone owning Foursquare user, with a recent update the user will be getting notification tray alerts of any new […]

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Apple ups UK app prices

It seems that inflation is out of control in the app market, for Apple have announced that they are increasing the price of an app by around twenty five per cent and don’t think that you may be getting in there quick, because the changes have already taken place. This price change means that the average […]

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Apple App Store for business

Now it is possible to businesses to make use of the vast resources available on the Apple App Store. Why purchase single Apps for each employee when it is now possible to open up the entire store to all of the work force, well those who have an iPhone and can be trusted not to […]

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Star Trek app for the iPad

All iPad owning Star Trek fans are going to love this cool app on iTunes, it is the Official Star Trek PADD or Personal Access Display Device! It combines Star Trek Next Generation graphics with the iPad and it works so well that it could actually be a prop from the Star Trek TNG series […]

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Branded Apps Failing

There is no doubt that the market in Smartphone’s and tablets is growing, the market in apps for these devices is also growing you only have to see the Apple App Store predictions to realise that and yet branded apps are failing to reach the market! Recent research has found that the average branded app […]

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App price to rise

There is no doubt that Apple, its products and services are successful, but it seems that demand could be having an effect on price! by the end of 2011 fifteen billion apps would have been downloaded, with over two hundred million customers visiting the store during the year it all sounds quite good, but it […]

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Google+ app submitted to Apple

It looks as if Google are looking to get an app up and running for its new social networking venture Google+ as soon as possible. For according to reports they have already submitted the app and it is awaiting approval. Google will need this app if they are going to be able to compete with […]

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What is your G Force?

Ever wondered how many G’s you are pulling? Well this cool iPhone app from Porsche will let you know exactly how many G’s you are pulling. This app is free to download and will work under most conditions however do not expect to see yourself pulling serious gravitational forces unless you are race car driver […]

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Half a million apps

It seems that despite the competition these days, that Apple is still forging ahead and to show just how well they are doing they have announced that the approved apps on the Apple App Store have now topped 500,000! This is a massive number and thankfully, to put this into perspective here is cool info […]

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Harrods launch iPhone App

The world famous London store Harrods are well known for being able to get anything that their customers desire and now there is an app for that too! Harrods have launched their iPhone app that is simply called Harrods! this app allows the user to check out all of the luxury items available, there is […]

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Napster on iTunes

On the back of the recent Spotify music subscription service, they may find that the competition has just got stronger with the launch of the Napster app. The app offers the iPhone owner access to the entire Napster catalogue for just £10 per month, it that is just a little bit too steep then there […]

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