The App For Lost Wallets

Losing your wallet is enough to scare the life out of you, but being able to track it down could save the day. This is where the Wallet TrackR comes in, it’s a great idea that links the tracking device to the users Smartphone via a Bluetooth connection, if the wallet and Smartphone are too […]

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Belkin Lightning Car Charger

It is easy to forget that that latest iPhone from Apple uses the all new and smaller Lightning connector, so this means that all other accessories will not work. However, trust Belkin to step in and come up with one of the first Lightning connectors for car, so at least you can ensure full battery […]

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Macs Rock in a Number of Ways

By now, it’s a truism to say that today’s high-powered, multitrack recording systems dwarf the capabilities of the recording equipment used to make Abbey Road. What’s so surprising is that, like the music industry’s embrace of iTunes, Apple’s Garage Band and its Logic-al big brothers have become one of two dominant music creation platforms along […]

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