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    The Rookcase for the iPad and Kindle

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    This is a great idea for the owners of a Kindle, iPad or any other e-reader who will know that carrying the device around is likely to attract attention. However, the Rookcase has been designed to appear to be a book and as books are out these days nobody will take any notice, so you… Read more »

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    Trousers built for the iPad

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    Being motivated gadgets many people find that they simply do not have enough pockets for these essential electronics, but when the iPad came along well that requires a substantial pocket given the size of the device. However, there is always some firm out there that are looking to match clothing with gadgets and these cargo… Read more »

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    Is the end of the Newspaper nigh?

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    Since news related content has become big online, there have been predictions that the end of the newspaper is just on the horizon and yet most of the titles are still going strong. However, many believe that the Apple iPad could a the life line that they are waiting for, check out this info graphic… Read more »

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    Cool Offer on the StuckBuddy Suction Cup stand

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    It seems that these days there not many opportunities for many good deals, let alone getting something for free, Yes Free! Don’t you just love that word! Well it looks like the guys over at Mobile Fun are literally giving the StuckBuddy Suction Cup stand away, but only one with each order they are not… Read more »

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    Create Your Own iPad Apps

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    Many people have been using the Apple App Store and of course iTunes to download applications for the iPhone and iPad. However, just how do these people build apps and make money in the process? Well it would seem to be a lot easier than first thought, especially with the help of services like the… Read more »

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    The MountMe iPad Freedom Mount

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    Place your iPad anywhere with the MountMe iPad Freedom Mount, this interesting design allows the iPad owner to place their device almost anywhere without worrying about it falling onto the floor. This is one of those products with an unfortunate name but the design makes for the stand as it fits snugly into a case… Read more »

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    Top Apps for the iPad2

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    There is no doubt that the iPad2 is the latest cool device on the market and some people simply must have it no matter what the cost is. However, the iPad2 needs apps to be cool, so just what are coolest apps around for the iPad2; These are the top ten apps for the iPad… Read more »

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    Atari’s Greatest Hits for £8.99

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    Atari have released a new game pack with a hundred classic games for the iPhone and iPod, this is great opportunity to be completely gamed out for the next few weeks or months. Of course, you really do not have to all one hundred of these games, despite is being good value. For other folks… Read more »

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    Build your own iPad Apps

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    It is easy to think that building an app for the cool new Apple iPad2 is hard and that you need to be a serious developer, but with iBuildApp, anyone with a good idea can develop a cool app and then submit it to the Apple Store for approval! Just think your idea for a… Read more »

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    #Twitter Tsar makes parliamentary tech history

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    The first use of an iPad by an MP in the House of Commons has taken place, the MP for Bristol East; Kerry McCarthy made history when she made a speech in the house using an iPad instead of printed material. She earned the title Twitter Tsar after promoting the use of social networking, especially… Read more »

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    World’s Most Expensive iPad 2

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    The Stuart Hughes iPad 2 is said the world most expensive device, this is because it is covered in 24 ct gold, comes with  12.5 cts of flawless diamonds and fifty three gems. But that is not all the front of the frame is covered with Ammolite, which is said to be the world’s oldest… Read more »

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    Fifteen things you never knew about Steve Jobs!

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    To many of us Steve Jobs is simply hero, while to others he is the evil Emperor, but whatever camp he falls into there is one thing that he is and that is a genius! Check this is info graphic out to see exactly what makes him tick and how he came to be worth… Read more »

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    MobileMe to go Free!

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    For some of us, the fact that MobileMe is about to go become a free service, is that it is about time, for around three years there has been a will they or wont they scenario going on, but now it seems that it could really happen and soon! It came to light when US… Read more »

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    Selling first spot in the iPad2 queue

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    It is seems that there are lots businesses starting up on the back of other businesses, and one of these new businesses is the selling of the front slot in the queue for the new Apple iPad2. This woman is Amanda Foote and at 9 am on the 11th March outside the Apple Store in… Read more »

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    Vodafone to offer iPad2

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    The mobile operator Vodafone has become latest carrier to confirm that it will be stocking the Apple iPad2 when it is released on the 25th March. The firm have a holding page up, where consumers are able to register their interest. However, there are no further details available on cost etc, which of course is… Read more »