The App For Lost Wallets

Losing your wallet is enough to scare the life out of you, but being able to track it down could save the day. This is where the Wallet TrackR comes in, it’s a great idea that links the tracking device to the users Smartphone via a Bluetooth connection, if the wallet and Smartphone are too […]

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The iHangy iPhone Necklace

How often do forget to pick up your iPhone and are then suddenly struck with terror even though the device might be in your car or on your desk. Well this iHangy device will make sure that you never need to worry about where your iPhone is because it is always going to be around […]

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Wooden Dock For iOS Devices

If you are looking for a stylish and natural dock for your iPhone, iPad or both! Then you may be interested in looking at this wooden dock, it comes with a standard Apple 30 pin connector and the all new lightning cable too, so both the old and the new device can be synched and […]

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Rocket Powered By An iPhone

It does not seem possible, but the video below shows that cool dude Mike Westerfield has been able to build a rocket powered by Bluetooth, techBasic and an iPhone 4S! Not only that included into the design is a sensor that would capture all of the relevant flight data. The launch was success and thanks […]

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Siri Mashed With Watch

If you take all of the coolness of an iPhone, not forgetting the voice controlled assistant Siri and mash it up with a watch you get a smartwatch or the iSiri, depending on your point of view! This is the idea from Federico Ciccarese; he has created the iSiri Smartwatch that connects to your iPhone […]

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Secret Boards On Pinterest

Images are great way to share ideas for gifts and so with the festive season fast approaching it would seem like a good idea to share gift images with family and friends. The trouble is how do you stop the person the gift is intended for from seeing these images? The answer is secret boards […]

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Evernote 5 App Launched

The note taking app called Evernote has been updated to its fifth major release for iOS powered devices like the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It offers the user an easier to use home screen and there are some premium features to consider too. Its ready now for download from iTunes. These are the features […]

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