Beer O’Bot mini fridge

This is something that every bachelor pad needs, it saves on time and energy, there is the saying that there is an app for that, well you can certainly say that again! Check out this video, it starts off a bit slow but the ending is a dream come true for some guys, it is the […]

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Stickers for your iPhone

So, you have bought your new iPhone 4 or in while maybe you have gone for the iPhone 5, so obviously the next thing to do is buy some stickers to put over the devices home button! Well just in this sounds like the sort of thing you would like to do, here are the […]

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The Swoop Owl plush iPhone cover

This is for anyone who takes their iPhone to bed with them, yes, there are people like that around, and of course, I take my Blackberry, which is much more softer and cuddly! However, for you iPhone owners this is ideal, it cushions the device from being squashed and yet it makes it available to […]

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Blood pressure check kit

The iPhone is a remarkable piece of technology, but who would have thought that with the help of a free App from the iTunes Store and some equipment that you would be able to regularly check your blood pressure! Well you can with the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor, it works with the iPhone, iPad and […]

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Wake up with the Lark

I am lucky, as I do not need an alarm as I wake up at 2.00 am every morning, but for others getting up can be a major issue and a load alarm does nothing for the nerves either. Surely there is a better way than this, well there could be if £80 seems okay […]

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Big Red Button for the iPhone 4

How about this, instead of thumbing around for the camera button on your iPhone to get that image, then maybe this is the ideal thing to get clicking away like a maverick paparazzo. The design is by a group known as Beep Industries, they have created the Red Pop and they are looking for baker […]

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The Gameboy iPhone 4 case

Remember the classic Gameboy from Nintendo? Well if you do or you have a taste for retro style and design, then this case for the iPhone could just be the thing that you have been waiting for. This is a real stylish design and is bound to cause a stir no matter where you are, […]

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