Keyboard Case For iPhone 5

As with any version of the iPhone, there is no proper keyboard and for some people this can be a problem to which there are only a few solutions. One would be this case with an integrated keyboard, simply slide this out from the back to reveal a QWERTY style keyboard that connects to the […]

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Qriket QR Contest App

You can hardly go anywhere these days without seeing a QR code, those squares that provide us with information when scanned with a Smartphone. Well Qriket have come up with a cool app that could mean that scanning QR code could win a cash prize! Now that will definitely put a meaning on scanning a […]

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Paint Your Own Dock

How many times do we find something that fits our needs only to realise the colouring is not up to much and then we are put off. However, this dock box has a great feature; you have to decorate it yourself! Therefore, now this dock is which is made from wood and provides the user […]

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Social Media iPhone Cases

Social media is very big and it is fuelled by people and images, so why not use this to produce a cool looking case for your iPhone. This is Casetagram; it is an app that takes the images from your social networking site to produce a wonderful and cool looking case for your iPhone that […]

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Smartphone Case For Cyclists

There is nothing worse than a cyclist using a Smartphone; it is dangerous for the cyclist and other road users too. However, this Bikemate Slim 3 Smartphone case fits onto the bike securely and allows the cyclist to operate the device with just one touch at a time. Here are the specs and features for […]

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The iXtreme iPhone Case

This is one for gamers who like mobile gaming on the way to and from work, but would like to get just a little bit more control of the device. The iXtreme Adventure and Gaming Case offers the user greater control for gaming and for making cool videos of extreme sports etc. This case is […]

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Personalised iPhone Home Button

This handy little buttons cover the home button of your iPhone or iPad. These buttons can be personalised with images of loved ones or even the logos of their favourite sports teams etc. This is great way to personalise the iPhone or iPad without having to go over the top with decorated cases etc. These […]

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