Block Speaker Dock System

If you are going to have a speaker dock for your Smartphone or tablet device then you may as well go for something that provides a massive amount outpoint from a such a small device. It will connect via Bluetooth so that means it will connect with virtually any device and there is even a […]

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Belkin Lightning Car Charger

It is easy to forget that that latest iPhone from Apple uses the all new and smaller Lightning connector, so this means that all other accessories will not work. However, trust Belkin to step in and come up with one of the first Lightning connectors for car, so at least you can ensure full battery […]

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Keypad For Mobile Devices

There are good points and bad points to the touch screens used in mobile phones, the good points are that they are easy to use, but this countered for some users who have trouble typing on the touch screen. Well the iTwin could be the answer to this problem, it connects via Bluetooth and offers […]

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The Rubber Band iPhone Grip

There are so many cases around for the iPhone that we seem to miss the point of good design. So it seems that it is down to other people to come up with cool and practical ideas, such as this the gripper for the iPhone! It is just and elastic band, but it still works […]

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