The iPhone! Green or Mean?

It is an amazing fact that somehow Apple have managed to generate half of all global mobile profits and yet only command four per cent of the global market place! This is definitely one of those deals that people are going to look back on from the future only to think, WOW! How the hell […]

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The Best April Fool of the Year

Despite the resources of Google and every other large media organisations attempts to fool us into thinking that things are not quite what they are supposed to be! The winner of the best prank of the year has to go to this guy, who altered the contacts in his wife’s phone, changing his name to […]

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MobileMe to go Free!

For some of us, the fact that MobileMe is about to go become a free service, is that it is about time, for around three years there has been a will they or wont they scenario going on, but now it seems that it could really happen and soon! It came to light when US […]

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Apple iPad2 for sale on UK eBay

So the launch of the latest Apple tablet the iPad2 will be launched on the 25th March, but even then, there will be queues and shortage of supply, but you want one and you want it now! It seems that some enterprising US Citizens are feeling our pain and as such are offering genuine Apple […]

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Lords go for iPads

It seems that despites its old style image, the House of Lords is quite a connected place with a trial of hand held touchscreen devices in the chamber this means that we will see iPads, smart phones and Blackberry’s being used by members of the upper house. Lord Brabazon of Tara, the head of administration […]

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Android overtakes iPhone at Tesco

The rise of the Android powered phone continues, with the UK’s largest superstore chain, Tesco reporting that the sale of Android powered phones has passed the iPhone for the first time on the service that runs on the O2 mobile phone network. According to Graham Harris, the chief executive officer of Tesco Telecoms and Tesco […]

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