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AUUG Turns Your iPhone Into A Motion Synth Device!

AUUG Turns Your iPhone Into A Motion Synth Device!

Normally you may not think of a connection between an iPhone (4S and up), 5th generation iPod touch and a Synth powered by motion, but the AUUG plans to change that point of view their new motion synth product that produces that familiar electronic sound with the movement of hands. The AUUG works simple enough, naturally, you need the AUUG grip device, then install the AUUG app onto the device and finally connect to the AUUG Cloud where AUUG users can connect and share AUUG experiences, as well as receiving product support.

AUUG Turns Your iPhone Into A Motion Synth Device!

So what can be done with the AUUG? This is what the device can do; first of all, it transforms the iPhone or iPod touch into a new sort of musical instrument, it lets the user play notes and change the sound just through movement.

It is easy to use and can be set up in no time at all, so soon the user will be in control a vast array of sounds on the Smartphone with the help of the app. The user can intuitively shape vocal harmonies and other sounds in real time using the harmonizer hardware devices or other sound effect apps. Other features include the ability to wirelessly control software on the laptop or a PC computer and control any non wireless music hardware through a MIDI cable connection. So now the user is able to design new and original forms of motion based sounds and the share them with others.

AUUG Turns Your iPhone Into A Motion Synth Device!

Once this goes retail the AUUG is going to cost around $110 or £68, but for a little while it is possible to pre order this cool musical device from just $68 or £42!

Source: AUUG

Make Your Pets Speak With My Talking Pet!

If you have ever seen those funny videos, where animals appear to speak and wondered how do they do that! Well, there is an app that you might wish to take a look at, it is called My Talking Pet and unfortunately, it is only available for iOS powered devices. But, this is a real cool app where you take an image of your pet, speak something funny into the device and that’s it, check it out and if it’s cool share it with people, if not make another until you get it right.

Make Your Pets Speak With My Talking Pet!

This is how the app works; you take a nice photo of your pet or you can choose one from your photo gallery, you then speak into the Smartphone’s microphone and now you can see just how cool your pet looks speaking back to you! Now it is time to share the cool video Facebook, by email or other social media site. You now have a cool video to share as a special greeting with your friends, family or anyone else.

Make Your Pets Speak With My Talking Pet!

You too can make your pet speak, but only if your device is powered by iOS and you are willing to fork out the small $0.99 or £0.69 charge for the app.

Source: Woba Media


Smart Wooden Dock For Apple Devices!

With so many devices on the market being produced by Apple, it is a problem for the owners of multiple devices to find a dock that not only will fit the iPod, iPhone and iPad, but also manage to hold them all at once!

Smart Wooden Dock For Apple Devices!

Well no such problem with this wooden docking station, its modern and smart looking to start off with. However, more than that has been produced to very high standard using reclaimed wood with a cool looking acrylic resin plate highlighting the wood layers.

You get two types of wood in this dock, oak and pine this is what gives the dock its style and the acrylic resin plate just seems to finish the whole thing off very nicely indeed. Buyers have the option to use their own cables or get new ones provided with the dock.

Smart Wooden Dock For Apple Devices!

It measures around 36 cm or 14.2 inches, with a port for housing the iPad, a second for housing the iPhone or iPod and there is a USB version too, which is great for flash drives and other music players.

If this is what you need in your busy life, then it is not going to cost the earth either at $130 or £81! It is slightly more expensive than the average dock, but this is not an average dock either.

Smart Wooden Dock For Apple Devices!

Source: Etsy


Anki Drive Turns Gaming Into Real Racing For iOS!

Here is a cool game designed for the users of iOS powered devices and yet it is not an arcade style video game as such like you would expect. Anki is a real style racing game like Scalextric but with more skill because the cars have the added bonus of featuring artificial intelligence and robotics. Therefore, that means that these cars can be tuned and adjusted to suit the driver’s requirements and skills on the track.

Anki Drive Turns Gaming Into Real Racing For iOS!

To get racing there is a starter kit that has two cars, the track, chargers and tyre cleaner! Each player will need either an iPhone 4S or newer, an iPod touch (5th generation or newer), an iPad 3 or newer or even the iPad mini. All devices must have the Anki DRIVE Smartphone app installed and ready to go. The final requirement is a clear area of 3.5 feet x 8.5 feet floor to roll out the track.

Anki Drive Turns Gaming Into Real Racing For iOS!

The Anki Drive app for almost all recent devices running iOS is free to download from iTunes. it’s with the app that the racer is able to understand more about what the car is doing and make crucial changes that can have a major impact on how the car performs during the race to the chequered flag, but who will be standing on top of the podium?

Anki Drive Turns Gaming Into Real Racing For iOS!

This cool new racing game launches next week and will cost from around $200 or £124!

Source: Anki Drive


A Photographic History Of Apple Innovation!

There is no doubt that Apple are the kings of design and style when it comes to computers, phones & tablets, but the market has changed and other manufacturers are catching up. So, for Apple fans it is time to put some of these highlights of design into a book, but not just any old book this is the Iconic: A Photographic Tribute to Apple Innovation!

A Photographic History Of Apple Innovation!

There are six chapters within the Iconic Book;

Desktops – that follows the history from the first steps with the Apple 1 right up to the latest iMac. Portables – from those early laptops that weighed in at over seven kilos up to the ultra portable and slim MacBook Air laptops of today. Peripherals – at one time Apple really did make printers, cameras and other accessories, check out what they were like.

A Photographic History Of Apple Innovation!

iDevices – by now we have all heard of the iPhone and iPad, but there are more devices that come with an i in front. Prototypes – check out how the Apple products that we now know of first started off, these are the prototypes. Packaging – if you love an Apple device, then you will used to how cool the packaging design is. This chapter covers all you wanted to know about Apple packaging.

A Photographic History Of Apple Innovation!

The Iconic Classic Edition tribute to Apple design and innovation can be purchased from just $75 or £48!

Source: Iconic Book


The Retro Docking Station For The iPhone Owner!


Here is a great looking retro design that brings back those classic Victorian times and combines it with the latest technology such as the iPhone or iPod Touch. The designer is using natural wood finished in cherry, hard maple and oak shades, or there is hand painted marble and all designs features the retro looking rusty metal finish.

The Retro Docking Station For The iPhone Owner!

Each dock will come with either a new Apple Lighting cable or for the older iPhone owner there is the option to choose the earlier style with the 30 Pin Connector. One of the interesting features is the wireless Bluetooth handset that comes with a blue LED that indicates function mode and has a range of up to thirty feet.

The Retro Docking Station For The iPhone Owner!

This cool docking station for the iPhone is going to cost you around $125 or £80 for the Dock, Bluetooth headset and USB cable only.

The Retro Docking Station For The iPhone Owner!

Source: Etsy


The PodPillow Is A Comfy Rest For Your iPad!


With lots of stands and mounts to choose from, it is hard to find the right for your iPad! However, here is an idea that is slightly different, it is a pyramid shape and because it is filled with grains, it will go just about anywhere and still allow the iPad to sit upright and without the fear of it falling over.

These are the features and details for the PodPillow cushion;

The PodPillow holds your iPad at an angle that is conducive to reading or viewing with minimal eye strain. 100% designed and handmade by me. Made with high quality designer fabric, filled with delicious dried grains. PodPillows come in three sizes – PodPillow for iPhone/iPod, PodPillow for Kindle, and PodPillow for iPad.

This interesting and very different mount for the iPad is going to cost you around $40 (£27).

Source: Etsy


RHA Launches The Stylish MA450i In-ear Headphones!


Most buyers of Apple products are looking for the trend setting style and design, so if they were to look for an accessory it had better be an improvement on the original; otherwise, it’s not going to work. Well, the UK based headphone company RHA have taken on that challenge and come up with the MA450i in ear headphone. This is no ordinary headphone as its been carefully thought out from the design through to the material used in manufacturer. The final product is stylish as expected, but it is also full of cool features such as; being made from aluminium, a selection of seven silicone ear tips and braided cable that will not tangle up as easy as a standard cable. RHA, have done a great job here with the MA450i Aluminium noise isolating in ear headphones and when they are not being used they come with a handy storage case too!

If you are looking for the features and specs for these in ear headphones, then you will not be disappointed take a closer look below;

Dynamic speaker for high definition sound with full bass

Machined from solid aluminium

A choice of seven pairs of soft silicone ear tip for a secure, comfortable fit

Fabric braided cable for reduced tangling and prolonged cable life

iPhone/iPod/iPad remote and microphone

3.5mm gold plated connection

Carry case and ear tip storage box

These headphones come with some serious features and specifications as seen above, so you might expect to have to pay a lot for this sort of quality, well that is not the case! A set of these noise isolating in ear headphones with interchangeable tips will set you back £40 ($63).

Source: RHA Audio


BlinkDrink Turns Your Drink Into A Lightshow!


There are apps around that test your drinks, test your breath and in some cases test your patience. However, here is a drinking app that makes you use your iPhone as a coaster and then turns the drink into a cool disco dancing machine that is going to attract a lot of attention of the right kind! With BlinkDrink you do not have to sit in the corner anymore, this is one that everyone is going to enjoy.

Here is what you can do with the BlinkDrink app;

BLINKDRINK transforms your phone from “that thing you play with when no one is talking to you at the bar” into a pint-sized party. Open the app, choose your colour, and put your drink on top. BLINKDRINK uses the prism of your poison to keep time to whatever song is playing. You’re thinking, “iPhone as coaster? Sounds like a bad idea.” Well we put a lot of drinks on top of phones while making this thing- the only bad ideas generally happened afterward.

This app is available right now from iTunes where it will cost you $0.99 or £0.69.

Source: Blink Drink


Capture Cool Action iPhone Images With Snap Remote!


Getting a great looking action image is easy with a Smartphone just click and you are done. However, getting an action selfie is virtually impossible and that is where this great piece of kit called Snap Remote comes in! Simply get the free app, set up the iPhone or the iPad on the stand and get into position with the remote control at the ready. All that is needed now is perfect timing to do your thing and press the button on the remote, that’s it!

These are the features for the really handy Snap Remote for the iPhone user;

Remotely activate your devices camera

Switch from front to rear camera

Used with more than one device at a time

Take group shots, macro and self-portraits easily

Removable phone stand

Range approx. 3 metres

Compatible with iPhone 3, 4, 4s, 5 iPad 2, 3, mini and iPod touch

Requires 1 x CR2032 battery (included)

Measures approx. 7cm x 3cm x 2cm

This cool piece of kit is not available just yet but it can be pre-ordered for just $24 (£15).

Source: Red 5


Music On The Move With Bose

Music On The Move With Bose


When it comes to audio pleasure, there are a few names that stand out as being outstanding and Bose are one of those firms. To illustrate this you simply need to look at the quality of the design and workmanship that goes into the SoundDock portable music system. This clever dock for the iPod or iPhone is very portable, simply place the device into the dock and play your music wherever you are. There are three coloured covers to choose from in red, grey and blue, but most importantly is the battery, once fully charged it will power the device for up to eight hours so there is no worry about the party going flat any time soon!

This is what you can expect to be getting from the Bose SoundDock Portable Digital Music System;

The SoundDock Portable Digital Music System offers a combination of performance and playtime that other rechargeable systems can’t match. Enjoy music from your iPhone or iPod almost anywhere, indoors and out. In the garden or in the kitchen, at the park or on the beach, it reproduces your favourite tunes with fullness and clarity unusual for a portable system.

This sort of quality does not cheap, expect to pay around $395 (£260) for this cool looking speaker dock for the home, office or just about anywhere, you are going to need it.

Source: Bose UK


The Nintendo Games Console Controller iPhone Dock

The Nintendo Games Console Controller iPhone Dock

It is true that many gamers just cannot switch off and because of that, here is a cool looking dock for their iPhone if they have one! It is a classic controller from an old Nintendo games console that has been re-purposed to house the Apple synchronising USB cable. This means that even when they are not gaming, the thought of gaming is not going to be too far away.

Here are some features for the gamers style iPhone dock;

Say goodbye to your boring iPod and iPhone docking stations and let your geek flag fly. These classic Nintendo controllers have been up-cycled into handmade, one of a kind working docking stations! Simply connect the included USB cable to your computer to charge and sync any iPhone or iPod (excluding iPod Shuffle)!

This cool looking Nintendo console controller iPhone dock is going to cost around $35 (£24).

Source: Etsy

Looking To Cause Chaos? Then You Need The Annoyinator!

Looking To Cause Chaos? Then You Need The Annoyinator!

With something called the Annoyinator, you might expect it to have been designed by a Dennis The Menace type character. Well it has been designed by twelve year old Henry Crome with the help of his father, Caleb! The Annoyinator will direct amplified sound from your iPhone up to three hundred feet away, so you can see the sort of fun that is going to be available with this device!

This is what the Annoyinator will be able to do with the help of your smartphone;

The Annoyinator let his iPod Touch (5th gen) slide right in and it do exactly what Henry wanted it to do:  It really ‘shoots’ the sound in the direction you point it, and it also tremendously amplifies the sound.  We also designed a couple versions, one for iPhone 5, iPhone 4/4S, and iPod Touch (5th gen).

At the moment, the Annoyinator can only be purchased through the crowd funding site Kickstarter, where a pledge of just $20 (£14) will be enough.

Source: Annoyinator

Dock For The iPhone And iPod In Classic NES Style

Dock For The iPhone And iPod In Classic NES Style

Anyone with a taste for 80’s gaming might love to get their hands on one of these iPhone & iPod docks! The reason being that is made from classic Nintendo Tennis games cartridge, just connect the USB cable to the computer and insert the device into the docking port for some retro docking experience.

These are the main details for the Nintendo games cartridge for the iPhone & iPod;

Relive your video gaming youth and say goodbye to your boring iPod and iPhone docking stations! Let your geek flag fly. This is an original NES Tennis game cartridge, which has been up-cycled into a handmade, one of a kind working iPod and iPhone docking station! Simply connect the included USB cable to your computer to charge and sync any iPhone or iPod (excluding iPod Shuffle)!

You can get your own Nintendo docking device for just $20 (£14).

Source: Etsy