Buy And Sell Vintage Gear From Your iPhone With Reissued!

AUUG Turns Your iPhone Into A Motion Synth Device!

Normally you may not think of a connection between an iPhone (4S and up), 5th generation iPod touch and a Synth powered by motion, but the AUUG plans to change that point of view their new motion synth product that… Continue Reading →

Make Your Pets Speak With My Talking Pet!

If you have ever seen those funny videos, where animals appear to speak and wondered how do they do that! Well, there is an app that you might wish to take a look at, it is called My Talking Pet… Continue Reading →

Smart Wooden Dock For Apple Devices!

With so many devices on the market being produced by Apple, it is a problem for the owners of multiple devices to find a dock that not only will fit the iPod, iPhone and iPad, but also manage to hold… Continue Reading →

Anki Drive Turns Gaming Into Real Racing For iOS!

Here is a cool game designed for the users of iOS powered devices and yet it is not an arcade style video game as such like you would expect. Anki is a real style racing game like Scalextric but with… Continue Reading →

A Photographic History Of Apple Innovation!

There is no doubt that Apple are the kings of design and style when it comes to computers, phones & tablets, but the market has changed and other manufacturers are catching up. So, for Apple fans it is time to… Continue Reading →

The Retro Docking Station For The iPhone Owner!

  Here is a great looking retro design that brings back those classic Victorian times and combines it with the latest technology such as the iPhone or iPod Touch. The designer is using natural wood finished in cherry, hard maple… Continue Reading →

The PodPillow Is A Comfy Rest For Your iPad!

  With lots of stands and mounts to choose from, it is hard to find the right for your iPad! However, here is an idea that is slightly different, it is a pyramid shape and because it is filled with… Continue Reading →

RHA Launches The Stylish MA450i In-ear Headphones!

  Most buyers of Apple products are looking for the trend setting style and design, so if they were to look for an accessory it had better be an improvement on the original; otherwise, it’s not going to work. Well,… Continue Reading →

BlinkDrink Turns Your Drink Into A Lightshow!

  There are apps around that test your drinks, test your breath and in some cases test your patience. However, here is a drinking app that makes you use your iPhone as a coaster and then turns the drink into… Continue Reading →

Capture Cool Action iPhone Images With Snap Remote!

  Getting a great looking action image is easy with a Smartphone just click and you are done. However, getting an action selfie is virtually impossible and that is where this great piece of kit called Snap Remote comes in!… Continue Reading →

Music On The Move With Bose

  When it comes to audio pleasure, there are a few names that stand out as being outstanding and Bose are one of those firms. To illustrate this you simply need to look at the quality of the design and… Continue Reading →

The Nintendo Games Console Controller iPhone Dock

It is true that many gamers just cannot switch off and because of that, here is a cool looking dock for their iPhone if they have one! It is a classic controller from an old Nintendo games console that has… Continue Reading →

Looking To Cause Chaos? Then You Need The Annoyinator!

With something called the Annoyinator, you might expect it to have been designed by a Dennis The Menace type character. Well it has been designed by twelve year old Henry Crome with the help of his father, Caleb! The Annoyinator… Continue Reading →

Dock For The iPhone And iPod In Classic NES Style

Anyone with a taste for 80′s gaming might love to get their hands on one of these iPhone & iPod docks! The reason being that is made from classic Nintendo Tennis games cartridge, just connect the USB cable to the… Continue Reading →

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