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    The I-Log for the iPad

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    How about putting hi-tech together with lo-tech, would this be a great idea or would just look a bit stupid, well this is the I-Log, it is a stand for the Apple iPad and it has been made from specially chosen reclaimed wood. This stand is about, as lo-tech as you can get and the… Read more »

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    The Rookcase for the iPad and Kindle

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    This is a great idea for the owners of a Kindle, iPad or any other e-reader who will know that carrying the device around is likely to attract attention. However, the Rookcase has been designed to appear to be a book and as books are out these days nobody will take any notice, so you… Read more »

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    The Hive for the iPhone 4

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    So you know what the Hive device is for, but what does it do? Well this is a new device that amplifies the iPhones speaker and enlarges the devices screen. it is about to go into production so long as the team behind the device are able to get enough funding through the Kickstarter funding… Read more »

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    Trousers built for the iPad

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    Being motivated gadgets many people find that they simply do not have enough pockets for these essential electronics, but when the iPad came along well that requires a substantial pocket given the size of the device. However, there is always some firm out there that are looking to match clothing with gadgets and these cargo… Read more »

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    Is the end of the Newspaper nigh?

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    Since news related content has become big online, there have been predictions that the end of the newspaper is just on the horizon and yet most of the titles are still going strong. However, many believe that the Apple iPad could a the life line that they are waiting for, check out this info graphic… Read more »

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    Charge two iProducts at once

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    Here is a cool way to charge up two Apple devices at once, this is the duaLink sync and charge splitter cable and it connects an iPhone or iPod or two of the same to the same computer, which can be very handy as many people have a couple of these devices running at the… Read more »

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    The Rolls Royce Phantom Family iPhone app

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    So you love the look of the Rolls Royce Phantom, but you may be put off by the price, but don’t despair because there is an app for that created by Rolls Royce Motor Cars Limited for the discerning iPhone owner. This app allows the user to build a virtual bespoke Phantom from the wheels… Read more »

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    What is the difference between the iPhone and Android user!

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    It seems that there must be some distinct differences between the users of an Android powered phone to the user of the Apple iPhone. Naturally, the actual users will come up with the reasons as to why they think that their device is much better than the other. But we don’t want to hear about… Read more »

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    Welcome to Apple iWorld

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    There are those who think that one day Apple will own the world, all other makes will not exist and that is that! So thinking along those lines, it stands to reason that the iPhone will just keep evolving and apps with do the same to keep up. So what does Apple iWorld look like,… Read more »

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    So, is it Mac or PC?

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    The computing world is split up into the two sides, Apple Mac and the rest of the computers on the market. Now this has been a major cause of arguments over the years, but we have to ask the question, which are you? Are you a Mac? Or Are you a PC? a simple yes… Read more »

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    Cool Offer on the StuckBuddy Suction Cup stand

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    It seems that these days there not many opportunities for many good deals, let alone getting something for free, Yes Free! Don’t you just love that word! Well it looks like the guys over at Mobile Fun are literally giving the StuckBuddy Suction Cup stand away, but only one with each order they are not… Read more »

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    Create Your Own iPad Apps

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    Many people have been using the Apple App Store and of course iTunes to download applications for the iPhone and iPad. However, just how do these people build apps and make money in the process? Well it would seem to be a lot easier than first thought, especially with the help of services like the… Read more »

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    Tweetdeck goes 2.0

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    The Twitter app known as Tweetdeck has undergone a redesign and upgrade, according to the provider it has been completely rebuilt from the ground up and because of this Tweetdeck 2.0 is the fastest and smoothest Twitter application around, so let us see! What is new with the latest edition of Tweetdeck? Here are some… Read more »

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    The iPhone! Green or Mean?

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    It is an amazing fact that somehow Apple have managed to generate half of all global mobile profits and yet only command four per cent of the global market place! This is definitely one of those deals that people are going to look back on from the future only to think, WOW! How the hell… Read more »

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    The MountMe iPad Freedom Mount

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    Place your iPad anywhere with the MountMe iPad Freedom Mount, this interesting design allows the iPad owner to place their device almost anywhere without worrying about it falling onto the floor. This is one of those products with an unfortunate name but the design makes for the stand as it fits snugly into a case… Read more »