Get 3D on your iPhone

Check this out it is the perfect way to get complete 3D viewing on your iPhone, what better way could there be to experience all of the coolness of 3D viewing without all of the fuss and it has to be said the cost too!¬†Sure it looks a little like one of those old Viewfinder […]

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What is your G Force?

Ever wondered how many G’s you are pulling? Well this cool iPhone app from Porsche will let you know exactly how many G’s you are pulling. This app is free to download and will work under most conditions however do not expect to see yourself pulling serious gravitational forces unless you are race car driver […]

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Cool Fan for the iPhone

As users of the iPhone will know, the battery is not the best feature of the device and so many users try to avoid battery sapping features in order to keeping a little bit of power left for when they are on the way home! Therefore, you imagine my thoughts when I see this gadget! […]

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Half a million apps

It seems that despite the competition these days, that Apple is still forging ahead and to show just how well they are doing they have announced that the approved apps on the Apple App Store have now topped 500,000! This is a massive number and thankfully, to put this into perspective here is cool info […]

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Harrods launch iPhone App

The world famous London store Harrods are well known for being able to get anything that their customers desire and now there is an app for that too! Harrods have launched their iPhone app that is simply called Harrods! this app allows the user to check out all of the luxury items available, there is […]

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Napster on iTunes

On the back of the recent Spotify music subscription service, they may find that the competition has just got stronger with the launch of the Napster app. The app offers the iPhone owner access to the entire Napster catalogue for just ¬£10 per month, it that is just a little bit too steep then there […]

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Free iPad and Apps Essential Guide

Everything that the iPad or tablet computer owner has ever wanted to know about their device and the Top 250 app guides are free this weekend courtesy of the Telegraph, these forty-eight page guides offer a whole wealth of information, finished in a glossy magazine style! The Essential Guide to the iPad and Other Tablet […]

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The V-luxe iPad stand

This is the interesting V-luxe stand for the iPad, it takes the iconic iPad a step or two back in history to the age of the Flintstones! However, it also has a certain style too that could make this an interesting stand for valuable hi-tech tablet! Although this stand has a retro look, closer inspection […]

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How things have changed

It seems that in the world of business and commerce there are ups and downs, as well as changes of direction and fortune. However, it is changes in the way that people operate that really make a difference. We only have to look at these two guys, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates they have swapped […]

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The mini RC from iPhly

If you have ever those guys with remote controlled cars, boats and planes, you will know that the actual remote control devices are huge and heavy too! However, apparently it does not have to be that way, especially if you get your hands on the iPhly device that turns you iPhone into a remote control […]

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