Remember the iBook?

It was a few years ago when Apple launched the iBook, this was a smart looking and fairly useful laptop from Apple. The iBook was noticeable by its opaque body with coloured accents, but that was about all that was good about this computer and it was replaced by more practical laptops. However, here the […]

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Is that Bubblegum on my iPhone?

This is great conversation starter, it appears to look like you have put you iPhone down onto a used piece of chewed bubble gum and pulled it up again. However, in reality this is a stand with two suction cups, one fitted to each end and finshed off in an interesting pink colour! Here are […]

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Reasons for Buying a Mac!

So you are in the market for a new computer or laptop, but you are not quite sure which way to turn because Apple have some lovely looking and great performing machine available at the moment! But then there is the cost to consider, Apple tends to be a bit pricy and so there is […]

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The SOS Poison iPhone App

Outside in the wild countryside or even the busy city streets there are plenty dangers lurking around and we are not talking about people and cars, what we are talking about is poisons and other toxic chemicals that can find their way into blood stream in a variety of way, but once bitten what do […]

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The I-Log for the iPad

How about putting hi-tech together with lo-tech, would this be a great idea or would just look a bit stupid, well this is the I-Log, it is a stand for the Apple iPad and it has been made from specially chosen reclaimed wood. This stand is about, as lo-tech as you can get and the […]

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The Hive for the iPhone 4

So you know what the Hive device is for, but what does it do? Well this is a new device that amplifies the iPhones speaker and enlarges the devices screen. it is about to go into production so long as the team behind the device are able to get enough funding through the Kickstarter funding […]

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Trousers built for the iPad

Being motivated gadgets many people find that they simply do not have enough pockets for these essential electronics, but when the iPad came along well that requires a substantial pocket given the size of the device. However, there is always some firm out there that are looking to match clothing with gadgets and these cargo […]

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Is the end of the Newspaper nigh?

Since news related content has become big online, there have been predictions that the end of the newspaper is just on the horizon and yet most of the titles are still going strong. However, many believe that the Apple iPad could a the life line that they are waiting for, check out this info graphic […]

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Charge two iProducts at once

Here is a cool way to charge up two Apple devices at once, this is the duaLink sync and charge splitter cable and it connects an iPhone or iPod or two of the same to the same computer, which can be very handy as many people have a couple of these devices running at the […]

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Welcome to Apple iWorld

There are those who think that one day Apple will own the world, all other makes will not exist and that is that! So thinking along those lines, it stands to reason that the iPhone will just keep evolving and apps with do the same to keep up. So what does Apple iWorld look like, […]

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