So, is it Mac or PC?

The computing world is split up into the two sides, Apple Mac and the rest of the computers on the market. Now this has been a major cause of arguments over the years, but we have to ask the question, which are you? Are you a Mac? Or Are you a PC? a simple yes […]

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Create Your Own iPad Apps

Many people have been using the Apple App Store and of course iTunes to download applications for the iPhone and iPad. However, just how do these people build apps and make money in the process? Well it would seem to be a lot easier than first thought, especially with the help of services like the […]

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Tweetdeck goes 2.0

The Twitter app known as Tweetdeck has undergone a redesign and upgrade, according to the provider it has been completely rebuilt from the ground up and because of this Tweetdeck 2.0 is the fastest and smoothest Twitter application around, so let us see! What is new with the latest edition of Tweetdeck? Here are some […]

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The iPhone! Green or Mean?

It is an amazing fact that somehow Apple have managed to generate half of all global mobile profits and yet only command four per cent of the global market place! This is definitely one of those deals that people are going to look back on from the future only to think, WOW! How the hell […]

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The MountMe iPad Freedom Mount

Place your iPad anywhere with the MountMe iPad Freedom Mount, this interesting design allows the iPad owner to place their device almost anywhere without worrying about it falling onto the floor. This is one of those products with an unfortunate name but the design makes for the stand as it fits snugly into a case […]

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Top Apps for the iPad2

There is no doubt that the iPad2 is the latest cool device on the market and some people simply must have it no matter what the cost is. However, the iPad2 needs apps to be cool, so just what are coolest apps around for the iPad2; These are the top ten apps for the iPad […]

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The Best April Fool of the Year

Despite the resources of Google and every other large media organisations attempts to fool us into thinking that things are not quite what they are supposed to be! The winner of the best prank of the year has to go to this guy, who altered the contacts in his wife’s phone, changing his name to […]

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Build your own iPad Apps

It is easy to think that building an app for the cool new Apple iPad2 is hard and that you need to be a serious developer, but with iBuildApp, anyone with a good idea can develop a cool app and then submit it to the Apple Store for approval! Just think your idea for a […]

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World’s Most Expensive iPad 2

The Stuart Hughes iPad 2 is said the world most expensive device, this is because it is covered in 24 ct gold, comes with  12.5 cts of flawless diamonds and fifty three gems. But that is not all the front of the frame is covered with Ammolite, which is said to be the world’s oldest […]

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