Adverts For Old Tech

It seems that once technology become old or outdated we are no longer interested in it and so in time this stuff falls by the wayside never to be seen of or heard about again. However, what if there were was a marketing push for this old tech, what would that be like?   Somehow, […]

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Worlds Strongest Beer

With a name like Brewmeister Armageddon, you would think that this is a beer that is overstating matters. However, at 65% proof, this would really be beer Armageddon to anyone foolish enough to down an entire bottle as if it is going out of fashion. Normally very strong beers tend to lack flavour, but Brewmeister […]

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Viral video by ebuzzing 2nd November 2012. London. London’s skyline was lit up last night as EE marked the launch of its new superfast 4G mobile and Fibre Broadband network with a historic 4D projection at London’s Battersea Power Station. In the biggest light show to ever be held at the iconic landmark, the projection […]


Kim Dotcom Is Back With Mega

On the 20th January 2013, it will be a year since the home and offices of Kim Dotcom were raided, he was arrested and mega upload was closed down. This date will mark the launch of the new download service from Kim Dotcom and according to the founder; the launch of is going […]

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VoxFox with Megan Fox

Viral video by ebuzzing Behind Megan Fox’s impossibly, almost absurdly attractive exterior, lies a deep love of marine biology. Watch her as she explores the beautiful world of the dolphin and, frankly, makes it even more beautiful. ‘Sponsored Post’

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