The New GBike For Google Campus

      Working at Google has many advantages, coolness and being part of something big are just two. However, this is a huge place and now getting around has become a little easier with the GBike! This final design comes from a competition, the winning team got a $500 bike shop voucher, but the […]

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Try Google On Dial Up

      For anyone who cannot remember anything before broadband, this is a taste of what using the internet would have been like. This is great thing to use from mass:werk and yes it actually really does do a cool Google style  search for you, for best results though, select “S” as this returns […]

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The Map Of The Dead

      When the zombie apocalypse happens and it surely will, information will be the key to survival along with a crossbow because we take notice of what happens in the Walking Dead! However, knowing where certain things are located will help you a lot, because you need food, water, weapons and a decent […]

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