Try Google On Dial Up

      For anyone who cannot remember anything before broadband, this is a taste of what using the internet would have been like. This is great thing to use from mass:werk and yes it actually really does do a cool Google style ┬ásearch for you, for best results though, select “S” as this returns […]

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The Map Of The Dead

      When the zombie apocalypse happens and it surely will, information will be the key to survival along with a crossbow because we take notice of what happens in the Walking Dead! However, knowing where certain things are located will help you a lot, because you need food, water, weapons and a decent […]

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Google Tap Fools Gold

      Sometimes Google really do surpass themselves when it comes to April Fools, we had the Google Maps for the NES, which was funny and then there is Google Tap! This ideal is so good it could be real, in fact the idea is so good that developers are currently out there working […]

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Google Maps Coming Soon To NES

    It is an amazing piece of engineering, but if anyone can do it, Google can. They have come up with a way to get Google Maps on the classic Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), with over sixty million of those consoles sold its a no brainer for Google to cater for its users by […]

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