The Functional And Protective Freedom Case For The Surface!

It is not that often that we get to see a case for the Microsoft Surface, it is probably because of the keyboard design that can be used the device. The Freedom Case promises to give the Surface users a flexible viewing angle and protection from minor damage too. Here are some good reasons why […]

What to Expect from Microsoft’s First Windows 8 Update

Spring 2014 will see the first updates coming for Microsoft’s Windows 8 PC operating system. The main focus so far is that the 8.1 update will see improvements to the way the system handles mouse and keyboard functions – mainly an issue for those who have Windows 8 devices with touchscreen capabilities. Little else has […]

Microsoft To Change SkyDrive To OneDrive!

Therefore, it looks like Microsoft is planning on changing SkyDrive to OneDrive! Just as we are getting used to it, they go and change the name again. However, we cannot fully blame Microsoft for this, as the name change comes from a complaint from BSkyB, who use the word “Sky” for TV, broadband and phone […]

The Password Reset Key Unlocks Windows Computers With Ease!

If you have ever tried to log into your computer only to find that your password is not recognised, you understand how frustrating this can be and how difficult it is to find a solution to the problem! Well for anyone who has a computer running Windows this could be a thing of the past […]

Microsoft Wants You To Switch From Gmail To Outlook!

The war over customers between Google and Microsoft continues, this time its Microsoft firing the opening shots with a new tool that helps makes importing a Gmail account to Outlook simple! The process is easy and for those Gmail users who thought that they were trapped this is a way out. Microsoft have provided step […]