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The Password Reset Key Unlocks Windows Computers With Ease!

The Password Reset Key Unlocks Windows Computers With Ease!

If you have ever tried to log into your computer only to find that your password is not recognised, you understand how frustrating this can be and how difficult it is to find a solution to the problem! Well for anyone who has a computer running Windows this could be a thing of the past with the Password Reset Key! This is so easy it is unbelievable, you cannot get into the computer for some reason so here is what you do! Turn the computer off, insert the Password Reset Key into a USB port and turn the computer back on. It should start running straight away, but if not just try hitting F10, F12 or DEL in order to access the start up menu.

Select Boot From USB and the Password Reset Key tool will start running, from this point it is just a matter of following the on screen directions. Basically, the tool allows the user to access the Admin Mode in Windows that displays all of the user accounts and enables a password reset; now you are good to go! The Password Reset Key will work with these versions of Microsoft’s Operating Systems; Windows NT 4, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

So now you are wondering how much this is going to cost! Well, the Password Reset Key will be going on sale shortly and in the mean time, it can be pre ordered from just £10 or around $16. Not bad, when you compare the cost of taking your computer in for repairs!

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Microsoft Wants You To Switch From Gmail To Outlook!

Microsoft Wants You To Switch From Gmail To Outlook!

Microsoft Wants You To Switch From Gmail To Outlook!

The war over customers between Google and Microsoft continues, this time its Microsoft firing the opening shots with a new tool that helps makes importing a Gmail account to Outlook simple! The process is easy and for those Gmail users who thought that they were trapped this is a way out. Microsoft have provided step by step directions to complete the process, but basically all that is required is that the two accounts are connected using the OAuth features. Obviously, an Outlook account is required in order for this to happen and that means signing up for new account for some.

Microsoft Wants You To Switch From Gmail To Outlook!

Once connected the user is able to import everything from Gmail including emails and contacts. The overall structure of the inbox remains the same as the user is able to send and receive emails through the Gmail account but in the Windows based Outlook, which is great for anyone using a Windows 8 powered device. Microsoft believes that there is a feeling of discontent amongst Google users following the results produced by several polls and studies. Security, privacy and advertising have a major influence in how users react to services. It seems now the ball is well in Google’s court now, how will they react?

Microsoft Wants You To Switch From Gmail To Outlook!

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Telepathwords by Microsoft Tests Your Passwords!

Telepathwords by Microsoft Tests Your Passwords!

We have passwords for almost anything these days, but there are security issues with using what we think is a safe and secure password, as hackers appear to be able to break even the toughest passwords with ease! So software giant Microsoft has come up with an app called Telepathwords, the idea behind it is to weed out those weak passwords by reading the mind of the person trying to create the perfect password to use.

Telepathwords by Microsoft Tests Your Passwords!

The site is easy to use, simply begin to enter your password into the field provided using a single letter or number at a time. As soon as the first digit is in place, the site will try to predict the next letter or number. It sounds like a bit of fun, but there is a serious side to having a password that is difficult to break and that is keeping data, finances and other information safe from being accessed by a total stranger.

Telepathwords by Microsoft Tests Your Passwords!

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New Playstation TV Advert #playstationmemories

What was your first games console? Sega, Nintendo, Atari or something else, what it was we are sure that you can remember it and how cool it was at the time? However, today, gaming is so different and as for the machines, they are out of this world.

New Playstation TV Advert #playstationmemories

We have two big moments coming, the launch of the Xbox One from Microsoft and the Playstation Four from Sony, it’s this one that we are interested in at the moment and the latest television advert that reminds us of the first Playstation launch in 1995.

The advert is really cool; it follows the timeline of a house in London, starting in the 90’s with the original Playstation and follows the changes in people, decor and even the scenery outside until we reach the present day and the PS4 or Playstation Four #playstationmemories.

New Playstation TV Advert #playstationmemories

So, now it is over to you, what are your memories of the Sony Playstation and what was the first model that you had and what game did you play on it? There are so many good times to remember when it comes to games consoles.

New Playstation TV Advert #playstationmemories

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Steam delivers PC gaming to your TV

Steam delivers PC gaming to your TV

As the market war wages on between Microsoft and Sony’s next generation home consoles, Valve have shaken things up. The major player in the PC gaming market has announced that they will be releasing their own home-based operating system.

Valve have announced the SteamOS, based on the hugely popular Steam digital distribution platform. Designed with living-room based PC devices in mind, the SteamOS is Linux-based and offers users access to its current library of more than 2,000 game titles.

The firm describes the system as “a collaborative many-to-many entertainment platform, in which each participant is a multiplier of the experience of everyone else.”

Users will be able to share games between their TV and Mac or PC devices with the ‘in-home streaming’ feature. This will allow family members to share their Steam libraries between individual accounts.

The announcement continued: “Content creators can connect directly to their customers. Users can alter or replace any part of the software or hardware they want. Gamers are empowered to join in the creation of the games they love.

“In SteamOS, we have achieved significant performance increases in graphics processing, and we’re now targeting audio performance and reduction in input latency at the operating system level. Game developers are already taking advantage of these gains as they target SteamOS for their new releases.”

In addition to this, Valve are also promising to work in collaboration with media services in order to give users access to music and video content. Further details on this have yet to be announced.

The SteamOS will help to make PC gaming competitive again, as sales for tablets are set to outsell laptops six to one by 2017. As the mobile games market continues to grow, gaming sites such as MoneyGaming are migrating to the platform, leaving traditional PC gaming under threat. However, the release of the new Valve operating system could revolutionise the PC gaming experience.

Bing Update For iOS Offers A New Look And More!


Microsoft has updated its Bing app for iOS powered devices, before the update to Bing; users would have to have used a separate app to include Siri into the Bing experience. However, now that is no longer needed for a smooth Bing on iOS experience. In fact, the Bing app offers the user a much better all round experience with plenty of new features to enjoy.

The newly updated Bing app now features, a homepage with four tiles displaying Popular Now, Nearby, Images and Weather! There is a new sharing button too and options added to the menu that help with finding images and other apps produced by Microsoft, the Bing journey on iOS devices has just become a lot smoother.

The Bing App is available now and can be downloaded from the iTunes app store.

Source: Bing Blog


Microsoft Offers At Least $200 For Trading In Your iPad!


Until the 27th October owners of the iPad 2, 3 and 4 will be able to trade them in at any Microsoft Retail Store in the US and Canada for at least $200 to spend at the Microsoft Store! Obviously, it the actual amount offered will depend on condition etc, but for anyone looking to switch from the iPad to the Surface it would appear to be a good deal! It is just a shame that the offer cannot be extended to other countries, so that everyone can join in.

According to the special deals page at the Microsoft Store;

Bring in your gently used iPad 2, 3, or 4 and get a minimum of a $200 gift card to the Microsoft store.

The Surface RT starts from $349 and the Surface Pro starts from $799.

Source: Microsoft Store


Is This The Thinnest Touch Keyboard Around At 5mm!


The question that often pops up is how thin or small can things go, but when it comes to something like a keyboard surely there is limit! However, apparently not, because the Cambridge based company CSR, have come up with what they are calling “world’s thinnest wireless touch interface” and it is very thin too at just 0.5 mm! Sure, it is a touch surface with Bluetooth connectivity, which automatically means it is thin, but nevertheless this is a keyboard that is not much thicker than a sheet of paper and that is just one aspect of what makes this cool.

According to Paul Williamson, Director of Low Power Wireless at CSR, he says in the latest press release that;

Consumers want innovative, portable wireless accessories that just work with their mobile devices. The ultra-thin touch surface we’ve developed is a perfect example of how Bluetooth Smart can give them just that. We’re committed to working collaboratively with developers using the CSR µEnergy platform to help them bring similar next-generation accessories to the market quickly.

It is still early days for this very thin keyboard, so we do not have any information on prices or availability!

Source: CSR


Get Ready! The Xbox One Will Be Released On The 22nd Nov!


So now we know, that the next big thing to come out of Microsoft, the new Xbox One, will be released and available in the stores on the 22nd Nov, which just happens to be eight years to the day when the Xbox 360 was first released.

According to the Xbox Wire YouTube channel, this is;

Xbox’s Yusuf Mehdi discusses the Xbox One launch date and recent momentum as the team heads toward launch.

Source: Xbox Wire


Tagtal tStylus The First Digital Dropper Device!


As touchscreen technology becomes more widely used there is a need for a range stylus devices and as such we find ourselves looking at the highly useful Tagtal tStylus. With this device, it is possible to cut and paste without any hassle or fuss. In fact, it would seem that this device is much more accurate than using a mouse and so it seems that the stylus is finally becoming the choice of tool for the tablet owner.

Here are the details on the Tagtal tStylus;

tStylus is a connector of digital and physic world. With tStylus, you pick up everything you see or draw on the screen and drop down it to anywhere you point on screen just in one movement with no pairing at all. And surely, no shouting, shaking or bumping any more.

The Tagtal tStylus is expected to cost around $80 (£52) but for now, it can be pre-ordered from just $29 (£19), now that is what you call a bargain.

Source: Indiegogo


Classic Surface Style Arcade Games Table

Classic Surface Style Arcade Games Table


For those who can remember gaming was either done on those huge upright cabinet machines or with the stylish low level coffee table style machine, such as this one in a lovely walnut finish! It has a neat nineteen inch display and it even uses those classic games controls with big buttons and toggle controller! It is like taking a stop back in time.

Here are the specs and features for these great looking gamer tables;

Table specification; High-quality real-wood veneer – Domino-joint construction for strength – 6 mm toughened glass – Hand-made in the UK. Software specification; Dedicated 60-in-1 arcade board – Easy to use menu system – Configurable games and interface. Hardware specification; 19″ TFT LCD – Happ stereo amplifier – Sanwa joysticks – Happ arcade buttons

If you would like to see one of these cool looking retro style gaming tables in your home, then it is going to cost you around $3,100 (£2,000).

Source: Surface Tension

Free Xbox Live Gold With Office 365 Home Premium

Free Xbox Live Gold With Office 365 Home Premium

Microsoft have come up with a cool offer, buy Office 365 Home Premium annual subscription and get 12 months of Xbox Live Gold thrown in too! From what we tell, it looks like for just £80 for the year or £8 per month you can have both, but this offer is only available in certain countries and the UK is one of them!

According to the special page put up by Microsoft;

If you have purchased an Office 365 Home Premium annual subscription or Office 365 University, just follow the three simple steps below to start enjoying 12 months of Xbox Live Gold. See the offer details and terms for complete information, including eligible countries/regions.

So this means that you can get Microsoft Office and 12 months of Xbox Live Gold for just £7.99 per month or £79.99 per year!

Source: Microsoft

Not Everyone Will Be Enjoying The Xbox One

Not Everyone Will Be Enjoying The Xbox One

It seems that we have reached that point where technology has become so smart that it will begin to lay down the rules as to who can play and who cannot. The creation of the Xbox One by Microsoft, is just the beginning of this new style of controlling licensing and other regulations, the question is, where will it all end?

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