Finding The Right Spine Centre

You might think that finding a specialist in the treatment of back pain and rehabilitation would be as easy as just putting Pain Treatment San Diego into your favourite internet search engine, well that is not far from the truth. There are lots of specialists out there, but by using the internet, you can get […]

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What Is Your Favourite Browser?

    We all use browsers to access the internet, but at the same time, we all use different browsers too. Still holding on to the top three spots are Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome browser. However, why do we choose a certain browser, is it resolution, apps, or security that matters? […]

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Firefox Lives On Thanks To Google

  There were fears that the Firefox browser was not long for this world, but an agreement with its long term partner Google appears to have secured its future for the next three years at least. Last year Mozilla made around £77 ($121) million in agreements with other providers, but Google make up the largest amount […]

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Mozilla Releases Firefox 8

Yet another update for the users of the Firefox browser has become available, this time it is the Firefox 8.0 final version and users will be able to download it from the Mozilla ftp servers. It looks like the features in this update are the browsers abilities to work with third party add-on installations; this […]

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How Famous Logos Have Changed

It makes no difference what the brand is or what it represents either, it is always the logo that people remember! Have a cool design and you have got a winner, keep evolving it and you keep the interest of your users and customers. Check these out we have six of the best, not best, […]

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What Celebrity Would Your Browser Be

There are around eight popular browsers in use on PC’s today, but instead of just calling them by their true names which are out of interest; Chrome, Firefox, Flock (Unsupported Now), Ice Weasel, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera and of course, finally there is Safari! How about comparing them to a celebrity, it should be easy […]

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