Just how secure is Google

To be more precise we are talking about the security that the world’s largest search engine Google, has installed in its data centres, in fact they are so pleased with the results that they have produced this cool video to show, just a safe data is in Google’s hands. These data centres are like the […]

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ASDA offers Tech Trade-In

The supermarket chain ASDA are offering a service that to some people would appear to be another way of making money out of consumers, while on the other hand this is service that busy people could be interested in! The scheme is the Tech Trade-In, this is where consumers are able to get cash for […]

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Affiliate Marketing Explained

Getting to grips with how marketing works can be enough for any new business, but affiliate marketing takes the website owner in a completely different direction and it can be difficult to know if you are doing the right or wrong thing too, which makes it all the more important to get it right! According […]

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R2-D2 gets a new job

Out of all the characters from Star Wars it seems that little R2-D2 is the only one that is getting constant work, here you can see that he has started a sort of recycling business. He stands around outside a home, people feed him and once week or fortnight, he moves to the edge of […]

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Understanding SEO!

For website owners search engine optimisation or as it is better known SEO, is all important as it can mean the difference between having a successful site or a failing site. However, not all SEO plans work across the board; this is something that has to be tailored to the sites individual needs and desires! […]

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Internet Speed at Google

No matter where you are the question of internet connect speeds will eventually pop up and like a competition there are folks who brag about their 10 Mbps or even 50 Mbps, while the rest of the country struggle along with just 2 Mbps or maybe 4 Mbps. So prepare to be crushed by the […]

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Microsoft Buys Skype!

Only last week it seemed that there was about to be a bidding war for the online phone service Skype with both Google and Facebook showing an interest in some sort of deal, but according to news coming from California. It seems that a deal between Skype’s owners and the software giant Microsoft has been […]

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