PCC looking at Twitter Feeds

It seems that the Press Complaints Commission (PCC) is looking into the Twitter feeds of journalists and newspapers with a view to bringing them under the scrutiny of the regulator. This comes as more news is being announced through the micro blogging site by news providers, which just goes to show how the social networking […]

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Be a MyFarmer for just £30

The National Trust (NT) is looking for group of people to sign up as online farmers on a project known as MyFarm. Each member will be required to pay a £30 per year subscription and the NT looking for ten thousand members to sign up and work with the manager of The Wimpole Estate, Richard […]

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So what is the cost of dating?

It seems that because of the amount of online dating sites around, dating has become just a little bit too easy and so maybe we go on too many dates with not regard for the cost. Luckily, Match.com has come up with the info graphic that shows just what the Real Cost of Dating is, […]

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Which Super Hero is Best!

Over the years there has been a regular turn out of superhero movies, and more recently there has been a new influx of movie super hero, the latest being the Green Hornet which premieres soon. So with all of these mega money making movies around, just which super hero has managed to make the studios […]

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Inside A Google Data Centre

Online security is never far from the minds of Smartphone, laptop and netbook owners, even the users of games consoles are suffering at the hands of hackers. These are dangerous times to be careless with important information such as financial and personal details, in many cases both just imagine the damage that could be done! […]

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Green Lantern TV Trailer

With only a matter of weeks before the Green Lantern is released, it seems only natural that Warner Bros are going to take every advantage possible to get this movie in front of the film going consumer. TV advertising is the best way, but for the consumer it is a matter of being in the […]

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Making an ATM withdrawal

Withdrawing money from an ATM can be an operation that requires knowledge and observation; first of all there is the knowledge. This can be full of hidden dangers as remembering a four digit PIN in a world of passwords and usernames can be full of hazards. Then there is the observation this can be in manner […]

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Kindle users can borrow ebooks

In the US, Amazon have announced that Kindle owners will be able to “Borrow” ebook titles from their local library, effectively this means that users will have access to around eleven thousand titles available free of charge. This may sound good, but what this means is that if a user borrows an ebook and makes […]

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Make Your Own Gmail Themes

Most people use the Google Gmail email service because of its convenience and speed, but then there are others who do not really care about the speed or the ease of use, they just like the idea of using themes and even creating their own theme. This new create your own theme feature allows the […]

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