CPS drop BT and Phorm case

It looks as if no further action will be taken against the internet service provider (ISP) BT and the targeted advertising firm Phorm, following the secret trials of the Phorm service on unsuspecting BT customers, without their knowledge or consent! This happened around four years ago and since then, BT has parted company with Phorm […]

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Google April Fools Pranks

The internet would not be much without Google and neither would April Fool’s Day, as the search giant likes to make the fool out of us mere internet users by simply making up a believable story and by putting the weight of the mighty Google behind it too for credibility. This is a list created […]

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Translate for Animals

When it comes to April Fools pranks Google are up there with the best of them, we have a seen many stories that have been put together so well that they make you think about it, could it be real or not. In many cases because this information is coming from Google, it is taken […]

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So how does Linkedin work?

In business circles, the social networking choice is not Facebook or Twitter, but Linkedin! This site has become so popular as a B2B networking force that it has passed several milestones in the past couple of years in 2009 it reached fifty million users and earlier this year that figure had doubled to one hundred […]

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Google publish Think Quarterly magazine

Google not content with dominating the world of search, operating systems and just about anything else interesting have now gone into online publishing with a glossy 64 page magazine called “Think Quarterly”.   According to Matt Brittin, the managing director of Google UK, said, “At Google, we often think that speed is the forgotten ‘killer […]

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Android does a Blinky

If you watched the full length “Blinky” video we posted the other day, you will realise just how bad robots can go. So having just seen that video here is another one to watch, it is a bit worrying to say the least. I think this is supposed to be some sort of break dancing […]

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Check Out Firefox 4

It has been a while in the making and believe me when I say it is well worth the wait, check out the latest offering from Mozilla, the Firefox 4 browser. It is neat and tidy, much better than the previous version and offers many new features; you cannot go wrong here the browser is […]

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Google gets Doodle patent

There cannot be many internet users around the world who have not seen or heard of the Google Doodle. However, just to refresh, it is where the search giant changes its logo to what they call a special event logo. But it seems that for some time Google have been trying to patent Google Doodles […]

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French fine for Google Street View

It seems that around the world the sight of the Google Street View car stirs up all sorts of reactions not all them supportive of the search giant’s work! In France, Google have been up in front of the data privacy regulator who promptly fined them around £100,000 for gathering data obtained from private Wi-Fi […]

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Apple sue Amazon over “Appstore”

Since Amazon started selling apps for Android powered mobile phones, they have used the term “Appstore” much to the annoyance of Apple, who have now filed a legal complaint in the Californian courts. According to Apple, “Amazon has begun improperly using Apple’s App Store mark in connection with Amazon’s mobile software developer program.” It added: […]

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