Virgin Media

Virgin Media Blocks The Pirate Bay

    The cable TV, phone and broadband provider, Virgin Media have become the first ISP in the UK to start blocking sites known to encourage illegal file sharing, in this case the first site to be blocked it the… Continue Reading →

Virgin Introduce Broadband Throttling

    If you are one of the lucky UK broadband users who are able to get the cool 100 Mbps broadband service from Virgin Media, then you are going to be extra pleased when the speed increases to a… Continue Reading →

Where Do You Fit Into The Digital Divide?

  When we think of the so called digital divide it is easy to think of third world countries being on the wrong side of the line, but sometimes the digital divide is much closer to home. Here in the… Continue Reading →

The Coolest Wi-Fi Network Names

Sometimes when you are out and about trying to catch a Wi-Fi connection do you check out the local network names, well maybe you should because there are some gems out there! The thing is that many people don’t even… Continue Reading →

Virgin Media Offers Free Wireless

It seems that the old battle is about to start once more, with Sky under the media, police and governments microscopes, what better time would there be to introduce a new service? Could this be why Virgin Media are thinking… Continue Reading →

Virgin warns customers about virus

The cable phone, TV and broadband provider Virgin Media has issued a warning to around 1500 customers that their computers have been infected with a malicious virus. It turns out that these customers have been victims of the SpyEye Trojan,… Continue Reading →

ISP’s in speed slowing deal

The UK’s main internet service providers (ISP) including BT, O2, Sky, TalkTalk, Three, Virgin Media and Vodafone, have signed an agreement, which amounts to a new code of practice compiled by the Broadband Stakeholders Group. The idea is to ensure… Continue Reading →

Virgin Media to trail P2P throttling

The cable TV, phone and broadband provider Virgin Media will be trailing a new traffic management system that will slow down the upload speeds for P2P use. If this system proves successful, then the ISP will be implementing right across… Continue Reading →

Virgin Media signs deal with London Grid for Learning

Virgin Media Business will be providing over two thousand schools with network capabilities under the London Grid for Learning (LGfL) network. This agreement will see primary schools in the area receiving a 10 Mbps broadband connection, while the secondary schools… Continue Reading →

Virgin Looking to offer Public Wi-Fi

In the same way that BT offer wireless broadband around the UK through BT Openzone and BT Fon, it looks as if the cable broadband provider Virgin Media are interested in doing the same with their network. The demand is… Continue Reading →

Virgin Media attacks other ISP’s

It seems that there is battle in the offing between the UK’s top internet services providers, with cable phone, broadband and TV provider Virgin Media striking out at the other IPS’s over what they call the “Broadband Con” this where… Continue Reading →

Just where is the slowest broadband connection!

In a study carried out to see the state of the UK broadband network, it has found that Farningham in Kent with an average connection speed of 1.3 Mbps is the slowest broadband service in the UK! However, that cannot… Continue Reading →

Skype offer free wi-fi for internet week

The online phone service Skype are pulling out all of the stops for the first Internet Week Europe, which started off yesterday and will be running all week long with events in and around London. However, Skype have gone one… Continue Reading →

Virgin Media offers half price broadband

The cable TV, phone and broadband provider, Virgin Media are currently offering new customers the chance to sign up for six months half price on the company’s dual and triple play bundles, these will include the Virgin Media phone, broadband… Continue Reading →

BT Slams Virgin Media’s Fibre Broadband

BT have been questioning why broadband rival is charging so much for its brand of superfast fibre broadband, given that we are currently in a financial crisis and consumers are having to cut back on their expenses. BT claim that… Continue Reading →

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