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Avengers Join Forces With Audi!

The Avengers Are Nothing Without An Audi!

Avengers Join Forces With Audi!

We might think of Marvel’s Avengers as the complete team of superheroes, but it seems that there is another member of the team that has so far gone without any acknowledgement. This video has been created to address this error and yes, that unsung hero of the Avengers is the Audi! Watch the video to see how and where this versatile and sporty car fits in, and then decide for yourself if Audi is the latest member of the Avengers.

The Avengers are back and ready for anything. So is the all-new 2015 Audi TTS. With quattro all-wheel drive, a turbocharged 265-hp TFSI® engine, and high-performance ultra lightweight technology, the TTS has its own superpowers. And it doesn’t hurt that it happens to be pretty easy on the eyes, too.

Avengers Join Forces With Audi!

Source – Audi of America YouTube Channel


3D Printed Car!

The 3D Printed Car That Costs Just $1770!

3D Printed Car!

There is no doubt that these you can just about produce anything from a 3D printer and that now includes a full size electric car capable of carrying two people! This is what Chinese company Sanya Sihai have done at their plant in Sanya City. The car weighs in at an impressive 500 kilos and while the actual 3D printing takes around five days the total build time can be up to six weeks, so there will not be many of these rolling off the production line.

Its comes in one colour “Tyrant Gold” filament, when it comes to power the car uses an electric motor that is capable of speeds up to 25 mph, it seats two and measures up at 1.63 meters x 3.6 meters. Its not the best looking car on the road, but then again what would you expect for this kind of money? On that subject, the cost of the Sanya Sihai 3D printed car is just $1770 if you could ever get one delivered outside of China.

3D Printed Car!

Source – 3D Print


Ford Speed Limiter!

Ford’s Speed Limiter Means No Speeding Tickets!

Ford Speed Limiter!

There was a time when the only way you would get a speeding ticket was if the Traffic Police were out with speed cameras stopping all vehicles that went over the limit. However, these days it’s different, as technology has taken over and for most drivers the first that you know about it, is couple of weeks later when a fine drops through your letter box. Well it looks like technology could be working in favour of the driver at last as Ford are launching a new Speed Limiter function that means the car sticks the speed limits and therefore the driver will not be fined or get any points on their licence either. The windscreen mounted camera monitors road signs and slows the car down to the current limit.

Once the speed limit increases the driver is able to accelerate up to the next speed limit and so on. This is an amazing idea and it also means that all of those speed cameras dotted around the UK’s road network will one day become obsolete. According to the man that knows Stefan Kappes, active safety supervisor, for Ford of Europe he said that;

Drivers are not always conscious of speeding and sometimes only becoming aware they were going too fast when they receive a fine in the mail or are pulled over by law enforcement. Intelligent Speed Limiter can remove one of the stresses of driving, helping ensure customers remain within the legal speed limit.

Ford Speed Limiter!

Source – Ford


The Rapido Pro Pump Head!

Pump Up Your Bikes Tyres With Rapido Pro!

The Rapido Pro Pump Head!

If there is one thing that all cyclists have to do, its pump up those tyres now and then. However, with the Rapido Pro Pump Head getting air into those tyres is much more easier and faster too, which can make life so much easier. But there are different kinds of tyre valve in circulation, well that should be no problem as the Rapido Pro Pump Head works with either Schrader or Presta tyre valves with ease. Another great thing is that they will not damage or strip the valves either, so that is peace of mind.

There are plenty of other features too, such as them being made from a high quality plastic and they are made with stainless steel components and the design means that they can be operated using one hand. The Rapido Pro Pump Head can also be attached to a wide range pumps so there is no need to buy a new one and they are able to hold 120 psi, which is the optimum tyre pressure for most cyclists.

The Rapido Pro Pump Head will be launching later on this year, but it can still be pre ordered from just $29 for one or $49 for a pair, for a short while.

Source – Rapido Pump


Easy To Fit AutoSocks!

Get A Grip On Slippery Roads With AutoSocks!

Easy To Fit AutoSocks!

Whenever there is any significant snowfall getting around by car is dependent on many factors like the way that snow is cleared and how busy the road is. For those who are stuck in a rural situation, they are going to need some extra help and the AutoSock could be just that. These clever wheel covers are made from a tough fabric that not only offers traction; they will not break up the road either. The AutoSock is one of those things that you keep in the car for that emergency situation when you are stuck between where you left and where you are going to.

The AutoSock slips over the wheel easily and can be installed in minutes, once they are in place there is not a lot of vibration or noise while the vehicle is moving. If there is one winter precaution to take, this could be the one. If you are looking to get a grip when it snows then expect to pay just £55.79 on Amazon
for a pair of the AutoSocks.

Source: Amazon

Save Parking Nightmares With Tixxii!

The Tixxii App Alerts Drivers About Their Cars!

For a driver you take it for granted that when you walk away from your car it’s going to be there safe and sound when you return. However, it’s always like that as there are many rules of the road that could mean a fine or even result in your car being towed. Nevertheless, all that could be a thing of the past with Tixxii, which is a new app that aims to take the sting out these kind of issues and it can even alert the owner if it has been involved in an accident. It is easy to use too but requires the cooperation of other car owners in order for it to work.

The best way to do it is to get your neighbours, work colleagues, friends and family to get the app that way if your car, theirs or somebody else’s is about to be ticketed, towed or involved in an accident, simply enter the reg number and send the message. This should allow the vehicle owner to get back in time to move the vehicle before the ticket is issued or get the driver and vehicle details if it has been involved in an accident.

100% Free to use. Feel safe knowing your vehicle is being watched by other Tixxii users. Send instant email alerts to other drivers about their vehicles. Receive instant email alerts from other drivers about your vehicle

This is a simple idea that could save drivers the hassle of coming back to their car only to see a parking ticket, accident damage or that it has been towed away. The app is free and is available from Google Play and iTunes now, you have nothing to lose here and everything to gain. The price of peace of mind is having friends looking out for you.

Source: Tixxii


The Boltz Electric Scooter!

Boltz! The Fast Long Range Electric Scooter!

There is a move to produce eco friendly transport, but it’s not just cars that are getting the green treatment, as the Boltz electric scooter will show you. This scooter has a range of up to twenty five miles and it can reach speeds of up to 20 mph too! What ’s more, the Boltz is easy to fold and unfold; it takes just a couple of seconds and its light too, weighing in at just thirty three pounds making it very easy to carry once the rider has reached their destination.

The Boltz is powered by a 350W brushless motor hub that is powered by a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that provides a range of up to 25 miles, a top speed of 20 mph and to fully recharge the battery, it takes just three hours. It measures up at 120 cm (L) x 55 cm (W) x 110 cm (H) (100 cm X 25 cm X 30 cm when folded) and it weighs in at 33 pounds. The design allows the user to fold and unfold the Boltz in a couple of seconds.

The Boltz 8Z scooter will be going on sale later on this year with a price tag of around $989, but pre order now and pay just $689!

Source: Boltz Scooter


Shocke Spark Electric Bike!

Shocke Spark Is Both Affordable And Stylish!

When it comes to electric bikes the first thing that normally springs to mind is the cost, but if we forget about the price and concentrate on features the Spark from Shocke Bikes is a really interesting ride and if you are going to but an electric bike why shouldn’t look cool? Continue reading →

Urban 2 Cargo Bike!

The Urban 2 Cargo Bike Built For The City!

Riding a bike sounds like a great idea, but take it into the city and you are looking at a completely different scenario. However, the Urban 2 cargo bike has been designed to even things up. It’s electrically powered and capable of reaching speeds of up to 28 mph. Not only that, it fold down so it’s easy to store away at work or college. More than that this bike is stable due to the three wheel set up that offers balance and style making it easy to ride, manoeuvre and park up when the destination has been reached, more to the point it is a very stylish ride.

The Urban 2 cargo bike is suitable for riders who are 5.6 ft to 6.4 ft tall, the bike itself measures in at 2.8 ft (W) × 6.8 ft (L) and it’s able to carry a maximum of 485 Lb including rider. The bike is capable of reaching speeds of up to 28 mph from the two rear engines that provide a range of around 28 miles to 38 miles. The cost of the Urban 2 cargo bike starts at around 2,331 Euros, this is a completely different take on the bike can you handle it?

Source: Johanson 3


The ZBoard 2 Electric Skateboard!

The 20 MPH Electric ZBoard 2 Skateboard!

When it comes to skateboarding, there are many factors to take into consideration such as; weight, speed and design, but the ZBoard 2 is something different. Its battery powered 500W brushless motor gain reach high speeds and it could even to get you to work or college, when the weather is suitable. One of the main noticeable features is how light it is, even with a battery and motor the board is easy to carry around, making storage so much easier.

The ZBoard 2 comes with a top speed of 20 MPH; it has a range of up to 16 miles and weighs in at just 16 lbs. While the deck is finished in a light shade and the wheels are 90 mm in blue. There is skateboarding and powered skateboarding; we all know which type we prefer, what about you? If you cannot wait to find out more on the ZBoard 2, it should be going on sale mid year with a price tag of around $1200, but pre order now and you could grab yourself a bargain at just $949, with a massive saving like that on offer, the ZBoard 2 is hard to resist.

Source: ZBoard Shop


Formula One

How have Formula One innovations influenced our everyday car tech?

Over the years, Formula One racing has proven that improvements in car technology have been a driving force in the popularity of motor sport over the years. The drive to improve is a cornerstone of the Formula One philosophy. As an added bonus, the technology developed by Formula One over the years has helped society in many ways. For example, sensors originally developed for Formula One are now being used in the medical field. Of course it goes without saying that as Formula One develops new technologies, they are eventually applied to the everyday consumer car as the technologies become more affordable, or they may make an appearance even sooner in modern super and luxury cars. Here are some of the features you might find in your car that had their roots in the Formula One circuit.

Energy recovery systems

One of Formula One’s on-going technology goals is to strive for better car efficiency. Energy recovery systems help store power that would otherwise be lost. As a result, cars now feature fuel-efficient 1.6 Lt V6 engines instead of the larger and less fuel-efficient V8 engines of the past.

Advanced suspension systems

Sometimes a different degree of suspension can make the ride a whole lot smoother. The first car with active suspension went on to win an astounding 17 Grand Prix races. Now many standard cars feature suspension systems that offer options for extra comfort while commuting or sports style handling for the off road user.

Semi-automatic gearboxes

A semi-automatic gearbox helps drivers to shift gears with less errors and more speed. This is accomplished by doing away with the need for a clutch pedal. Since the clutch doesn’t have to be pushed in, there is less time needed to change gears.

Better and safer tires

Goodyear tires have been a part of Formula One for a long time. The goal has been to develop the most long lasting, puncture resistant, and stable tire possible. They are the reason modern automobiles have sensors that can alert the driver to tire punctures before they cause a big problem or even a potential accident. Since good tire pressure is essential for the safety and handling of a car, these sensors have reduced the incidence of wrecks caused by blowouts.

Formula One’s legacy of safety features

The 1970s brought numerous innovations and changes to the Formula One circuit. During this time, Max Mosley led the drive in addressing safety concerns of drivers after a catastrophic wreck that killed four people. A great business leader, Mosley has been influential in all aspects of Formula One racing and is a valuable source of information for those that want to stay up to date on their favourite motor sport. If interested, you can see his blog here.

Future advances

It is fascinating to ponder what great new technologies are in our future. The automobile companies and accessory companies are enthusiastic about being the first to come up with an innovative solution to improve the safety and experience of drivers. These advances will improve the accident rates and fatalities on highways throughout the world and help ensure the roads are as safe as possible.

Lamborghini Huracan In 200 MPH Crash

Police Release Video Of Lamborghini Huracan In 200 MPH Crash!

Being involved in a car crash is not something that any of us would like to experience, but when it happens at over 200 mph on a public road, the thrill of speed will soon turn to fear. This video has been released by Hungarian police, it was filmed by the passenger in the Czech Republic registered Lamborghini Huracan as it travels along the M7 motorway in Hungary.

As you will see from the video, there are other drivers on the road at the time and the car reaches 325 kph (205 mph) until suddenly the driver loses control of the car and the inevitable happens. The video stops and photos show the accident and wreckage of the bright green car. The driver somehow manages to escape unharmed, while the passenger suffered some serious injuries.

Source: Police Hungary On YouTube


New Fiat Panda Cross SUV!

Video Of The New Fiat Panda Cross SUV!

Fiat have a new car and where best to show off an SUV than London! You might be thinking that a rural setting might be more appropriate, but the city streets are ideal for this small SUV to be put through its paces. It looks like you will be getting the best of both worlds with the Panda Cross, a nippy city car and a tough little SUV for those weekends away. Fiat have been clever with the marketing too, using the cityscape as a backdrop to the video coupled with animations and videos around the city. If you are going to launch a new car, then London has to be the best place for it as this video shows.

To introduce the message that the FIAT Panda Cross is an incredibly versatile car, the pocket-sized SUV – tested by nature and approved by the city – Londoners were treated to surprise guerrilla projections that lit up the night sky on 17 October. The projections featured animated scenes of the Panda Cross in unexpected locations, bending, twisting, turning, bumping and swerving as it moved from building to building in static high-footfall locations.

Would you like to discover the Panda Cross?

New Fiat Panda Cross SUV!

New Fiat Panda Cross SUV!

Source: Fiat UK YouTube Channel


Gogoros Smart Battery Powered Scooter!

Gogoro Launches The Smart Electric Scooter!

Gogoros Smart Battery Powered Scooter!

It seems like a great idea to produce a scooter that is powered by battery; after all, they are small, light and only carry one or two people. However, Gogoro are taking this to the next level by designing their electric scooter from the ground up, which is very interesting as you can imagine the time and effort that has gone into this build.  Continue reading →

Looks Like Somebody Has Brought Santa’s Sleigh Into The 21st Century!

Looks Like Somebody Has Brought Santa’s Sleigh Into The 21st Century!

Looks Like Somebody Has Brought Santa’s Sleigh Into The 21st Century!

Santa’s Sleigh seems to have been the same for centuries and so maybe it is about time that it had a makeover to bring up to the standards expected in the 21st Century. This is why the Gadget Sleigh GS 900 appears to be the answer to Santa’s wishes. What can Santa expect to be getting with the new Sleigh? Well let us take a look at the specs; it comes with a handy convertible roof for easy access and it uses a hybrid system of powered rocket boosters to help the reindeers out when they have eaten too much.

There is an integrated audio system complete with a Christmas Spotify playlist, naturally, there are heated seats, parking sensors because nobody wants an accident, GPS, chimney cam and it comes with a full ten year guarantee. So that leaves just one thing to talk about, what is not included in the price? Well to start with there are no flying reindeers or even Rudolph’s red nose light, Pilot, Christmas presents or carrots, you cannot have everything you know.

So how much is Santa going to have to fork out for this cool new sleigh? Well its current price is a shade under £200,000; Santa had better start looking around for some corporate sponsors or something in order to get the GS 900 in time for next Christmas.

Looks Like Somebody Has Brought Santa’s Sleigh Into The 21st Century!

Looks Like Somebody Has Brought Santa’s Sleigh Into The 21st Century!

Source: Metals 4U