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    TomTom Release Top Gear Edition

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    This is a must have tool for all fans of TV car show Top Gear, the Sat Nav maker TomTom have teamed with the show to produce a limited edition of the GO LIVE GPS navigator and yes you get told where to go by Jeremy Clarkson! This limited edition system will be available in… Read more »

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    Going Green Is Never Cheap

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    We are constantly being told to go green and yet by doing so it will almost certainly cost you money and in some cases lots of it! This bike or trike to be more precise is no exception to that rule, but it does have big wheels, a 60 bhp Harley-Davidson vTwin power unit and… Read more »

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    Tesla Shows Off The Model S Sedan

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    Next year the latest car from Tesla will hit the roads and this time it is bigger and smarter than the before. The Model S is a medium sized car with range of up to 300 miles although that top of the range version does cost $20,000 more! Inside this car is just truly amazing… Read more »

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    Students Design & Build 175 mph Electric Car

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    A team of engineering students from Brigham Young University (BYU) in Utah have designed and built an electric car that now holds the world land speed record in its class. over two runs the car needed to average to 155.8 mph to qualify, which it did, in fact in one run the car topped out… Read more »

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    Minimal Bike Is Almost Invisible

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    Motor bikes are cool; they are powerful, good looking and just ooze power and speed! well that is what some motor bike owners think, in which case they should be shown this motor bike design, it is by Joey Ruiter (a.k.a. Jruiter) of “Super Minimal City Bike” and naturally they are calling it the Moto… Read more »

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    Computer terms used in real life

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    Imagine if all of the computer terms that we take for granted today, were actually part of our language, while at the same time there were no computers too! Sounds like a total nightmare, doesn’t it! Well you have to give to these guys, that was quite amusing, but what would be the best computer… Read more »

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    James Bond And His Cars

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    The one memorable thing about James Bond that is cool, apart from the gadgets, technology, girls, locations, action and did I mention girls! Has to be the cars, we all have our favourites in the same way that we have a favourite James Bond. I liked the Lotus from “The Spy Who Loved Me” but… Read more »

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    Easpace Air Bags For Cars

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    I know what you are going to say, that cars already have airbags, sure they do, but that is on the inside to protect the passengers, whereas this concept idea from designers Da Wei Xing & Mei Yuan has the air bags on the outside. Yes, you have got it in one, the Easpace device… Read more »

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    Want To Buy The Jet Powered Batmobile

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    This car has only recently been completed and just has under two thousand miles on the clock. It is powered by a cool turbine engine that sounds fantastic, check out the video to see. The jet powered Batmobile in deep black can be yours for $620k, it is for sale on eBay and it is… Read more »

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    Folding CityCar Could Change City Driving

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    The idea behind the CityCar project is develop a viable car for use in the city and surrounding areas, it must be compact, electric and be able to carry to people; this concept has all of the big boys working on vehicles that will fit the bill. This particular version is from the MIT Media… Read more »

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    The PumpTire Keeps Cyclists Going

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    Here is a great idea that all cyclists have wanted for years, technology means that the cyclist will never have to fill their tyres up with air ever again, because this tyre has been designed to self inflate, imagine that! These are the details for the PumpTire that helps cyclists to keep going; Each PumpTire… Read more »

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    Does Your Driving Suit An Electric Car

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    There are quite a few electric cars on the market these days, but which one is going to suit your driving style and indeed driving needs, after all there is no point in getting a car with a thirty mile range when your work place is thirty three miles from your home! Well worry no… Read more »

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    Lucky For Women Drivers There Was Goodyear

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    I am not sure how old this advert is, but I am guessing it is sometime in the seventies. I was just not aware that sexism at this level was so blatant back in those days; clearly, it must have been acceptable. It is the way that they show the woman driving, with that dramatic… Read more »

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    Would You Put Your Debit Card In This ATM

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    Sometimes things seem so wrong that you have to actually think about it for a while, such as this ATM Van! I know it looks right, but would you actually get into this van, put your credit or debit card into that machine and enter your details etc, I mean its crazy right! Source [Geek… Read more »

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    Parking For OUTATIME Only

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    It seems that being able to travel in time does have its privileges, because here is a car park that has been created especially for Marty McFly, no doubt, he still pops back or forward whatever the case may be, now and then! Yet he needs somewhere to park his car, the only problem is… Read more »