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    Legal move for Googles self driving car

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    Imagine a car that drives itself, is this the future, reality or a nightmare! Well Google already have a fleet of these cars that can be programmed to go from point A to point B, without smashing into anything or anyone. However, it is the law that will hold this back, unless you are in… Read more »

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    Hot Wheels never used to be like this

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    It seems that there is a growing trend that takes some classic toys and turns them into virtual artworks for us all to enjoy. In this case, we are looking at those retro style cars Hot Wheels! This project took around four years to build and to be honest this is a kid’s dream come… Read more »

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    The Stance for the iPad

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    This is the Stance stand and it is what those cup holders in the car were made for! Simply slide this into the cup holder and connect your iPad or tablet device. This has now become the coolest sat nav around and your friends will be green with envy! These are the features and details… Read more »

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    The real world “Like Button”

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    Bringing social networking into the real world is the French car maker Renault, at the recent Auto RAI car show event in Amsterdam the car brand introduced a brilliant concept that brings the online world of social networking into the real world. It works with a simple swipe card and placed around the Renault display… Read more »

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    Real Life Hot Wheels

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    During the seventies Hot Wheels were literally hot stuff because they used a long piece of track that could be looped and shaped so that the cars could travel at high speed without damaging anything. This led to some serious stunts and even longer tracks with power boosters placed along the track at certain points… Read more »

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    What is your G Force?

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    Ever wondered how many G’s you are pulling? Well this cool iPhone app from Porsche will let you know exactly how many G’s you are pulling. This app is free to download and will work under most conditions however do not expect to see yourself pulling serious gravitational forces unless you are race car driver… Read more »

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    The Monday Deal – Garmin Nuvi 1390 sat nav 42% off

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    Save £88 on the Garmin Nuvi 1390 Traffic Satellite Navigation System, here is a cool offer from Garmin it is the Nuvi 1390 Traffic Satellite Navigation System with UK & European Mapping and it also comes with 42% off too, which is not a bad a saving. The Nuvi 1390 sat nav is one of those… Read more »

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    Mercedes Benz using guerrilla advertising

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    We are used to seeing all sorts of marketing and advertising ideas made by large companies, some are great and some are actually not so good, in fact many fall by the wayside only to be seen again when there is a feature on how not to advertise. But is seems that the main Mercedes… Read more »

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    How to react when the Google Street Car passes

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    These are cool, they see the Google Street car coming down the road and decided to take advantage and “Strike a Pose!” the result are these cool images, which make an awesome movie when strung together.   This is what we want more of, instead fighting against the Big G, use them to your own… Read more »

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    French fine for Google Street View

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    It seems that around the world the sight of the Google Street View car stirs up all sorts of reactions not all them supportive of the search giant’s work! In France, Google have been up in front of the data privacy regulator who promptly fined them around £100,000 for gathering data obtained from private Wi-Fi… Read more »

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    The Google Science Fair 2011 Competition!

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    Google are looking for the brightest young scientists for the Google Science Fair 2011 Competition, they are looking for the kid aged from thirteen to eighteen, who are into science and who are willing to put together a cool but short presentation using either a slide show or video. I Love this video! There are… Read more »

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    Sat Nav jammer threat

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    It has come to light that a simple £20 device could be used to jam satellite navigation signals, causing havoc on the road, in the air and even at sea. The claim is part of a report put together by the Royal Academy of Engineering and it shows just how a simple jammer is not… Read more »