Parking For OUTATIME Only

It seems that being able to travel in time does have its privileges, because here is a car park that has been created especially for Marty McFly, no doubt, he still pops back or forward whatever the case may be, now and then! Yet he needs somewhere to park his car, the only problem is […]

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Hot Wheels 600 MPH RC Nitro

Back in the day, Hot Wheels revolutionised the way that kids played with toy cars, with a track that could be extended, looped and angled to go around corners Hot Wheels were the one to beat. it seems that time has come again with the new RC Nitro Speeders set, which would be travelling up […]

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The Most Realistic Video Game

Back in the day, arcade games were fun, but they were definitely not realistic in any way. however there is always someone with a big idea and in that case it happens to be Garnet Hertz, he and his company OutRun have come up with the world most realistic video arcade game, just check out […]

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Subaru Hacked By SMS

We have been led to believe that by far the safest way to lock and unlock our cars is by the remote key fob as this not only locks the doors it also activates the alarm and immobiliser too. However, it seems that this system may not be as infallible as we think, because at […]

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Google Trike Maps Bletchley

We are used by now to Google Maps and being able to take virtual tour around the streets of almost any city or town, we can check out our relative’s houses or even take a look at a new house or area that we might be thinking about moving to, it is great. However, it seems […]

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Car HUD’s from MicroVision

I love a heads up display or HUD, some cars have them built in but they are not always up to much and if they go wrong, there are some serious issues to follow. However, according to a press release from MicroVision it seems that they are in the market and have come up with […]

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Street Art Berlin Style

Street art has been around probably since streets have been around, but modern technology allows us to produce better and yes of course bigger works of street art. This is Berlin during the summer and an unknown group of street art cyclists dropped around five hundred litres of a water based environmentally friendly paint onto […]

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Cool LED maps

This is a cool map kit that offers the user a way of displaying on a map where they have been and where they would like to go next! However, of course, it can be used in other situations too; such as for businesses to show its locations and in schools for educational purposes in […]

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How good is your driving

I suppose we all think that we are good drivers, some more than others. I’m not that is why I drive a Land Rover! It seems that there are certain techniques that can make us all better drivers, which is good if it makes the roads a much safer place to be! have come […]

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Flying car gets go ahead

The US based company Terrafugia has finally been given clearance from the road safety regulator the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This will allow the company to test out their new car on the road and it is likely that the Tranisition flying car could be going on sale in around a year’s time. The […]

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The Piaa Ferris wheeLED

This is a device that uses LED light to create amazing patterns on the wheel or wheels of a moving bike. Just by looking at the images, it is clear that when used at night this is going to be a seriously cool display and there are three colours to choose from too, blue, pink […]

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VW targeted by the Green Rebels

By now most people must have seen the VW Passat advert with little Darth Vader, but apparently it seems that instead of being cool and green, VW are currently opposing European Union plans to introduce tougher Co2 emission regulation and so it is time for the Revenge of the Greens. Greenpeace has remodelled the video […]

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